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Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls to drink (two)

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-03-07
Type of transparent steam water

Transparent soft drinks, including Tang Lishui, ginger beer / Ginger Ale, is in fact a representative of the category of very large cocktail (cocktail shaker manufacturer china), Almost all basic wine and soft drinks 22 collocation, this is the single there are many specialized types, according to different auxiliary materials and the ratio of the modulation method the difference is very much variety, limited space can not be exhaustive. This type of general alcohol concentration is not high, it is actually a long drink, can drink a slow drink and is very suitable for home-cooked meals.

1, Gin Fizz
The formula is very simple. Gin is served with lemon juice plus sugar and soda water. There are many ways to add protein to taste. It tastes smooth and tastes better. It is called Silver Fizz. The taste is like the material, but the change is great. This cup of wine in the first, not because of the most popular, not because of the best drink, nor is it my favorite cup. But the cup is definitely the best choice for a bartender (OEM cocktail shaker supplier) After a new bar. The reason why I did not taste in detail, because of the impact on the level of the bartenders, is too big - including balance, shake, sweet and sour lime juice, sugar processing, processing and selection, the last wine strength plus protein is more complex, is a very good start a cup of wine on the bartender. And it is not expensive, it does not cost too much to go immediately if you are not satisfied. If you look at this bartender, you have no confidence ... Gin Rickey, squeeze the acidity of the lemon. It is not recommended to drink cocktails in the beginning. In the case of a bad bartender, it will lose confidence in the cocktail.
2, Gin Tonic (Jin Tangli)
Gin Tonic is a highly recommended cup. It is difficult to blow the worst. There is a lot of room to do perfection. The choice of wine to many details influences the final feeling. The formula of minimalism, Gin and tonic, lemon (lemon juice squeezed in gin), namely. The scent of lemon, the bittersweet taste of balance, the comfortable bubble feeling, the cool and simple entry-level feeling, plus the scent of juniper fruit adapted to temperature, lemon and carbon dioxide, is enough to make this wine sustainable. Every kind of Gin can do almost anything, and it's a very different feeling (by the way, I'm back in Gordon's embrace). Both men and women can easily accept this cup. Highly recommended, do not drink Gin Tonic is regretful in life. The caricature of the bartender (the trumpet player - the bean) said that the wine could be inspiring and renewed, and my personal feeling still supported the argument.

3, Mojito
Mojito is absolutely famous in the modern bar. Most bars have more than 10% Mojito in summer and when many see the bar in the bar, all people adjust the Mojito scene. The ground mint leaves, white rum, lemon mixed with soda, too simple. The taste is a fresh, sour and sweet smell with the menthol leaf. What the taste of rum can be kept, it is true to see the bartender. Although it is vulgar, but for people who do not drink, I still recommend very well. Some are also my girlfriend, even Mojito, that point is not love the adstringence (related to the treatment, lemon and mint leaves which I love is bitter, this time there are a variety of Mojito) with fruits, including strawberries, kiwis, taste expected popularity, must always have a Mojito that can meet the requirements of the fruit.

4, Moscow Mule (Moscow Mule)
For the first cocktail (china Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker supplier), Moscow Mule first attracted attention is the cup - this is one of the few to specify the use of copper Mok cocktail, is indeed also very consistent with Russia feels racial strife. The basic formula is a mixture of vodka, lemon juice and ginger beer, which is also suitable for drinking at home. The most prominent is the taste of ginger beer, ginger with lemon, sour and carbonated taste, love that ginger people will go, people do not hate ginger will love this cup. Different ways to work with the rod are not the same, the main effect of acidic or persistent strength and ginger, also have major changes in space. If you use Ginger Ale at home, sweet will become very prominent, the need to take into account the amount of lemon. In the same copper mug, imagine that the types of soda have other options, but relatively rare. [{1}] [{1}] [{1}] [{1}] [{1}][{1}]