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Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls to drink

Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls to drink

E-BON E-BON 2018-03-06 14:53:38
As a cocktail lover, personally think the most important cocktail or taste, so the following mainly in the basic taste classification

一:with dairy products category. The most prominent feature of these cocktails is the smooth taste, the alcohol concentration is not too high, but also have the same like eating cakes, ice cream, sweets candy, taste absolute popularity, usually do not drink people can easily import , Are generally very female to discuss options. Of course, not men do not drink, I personally and some of the wine friends also like dairy darling. Dairy products are more common with light cream, because the smoothness of the mouthfeel does not cause the product to become too thin like milk.
1, Grasshopper (green grasshopper)
This is my own favorite woman to cocktail(Cocktail Shaker Set China). Although derived from Alexander, but I still ranked first according to preferences. This is a must-drink in my heart and my first cup to pull my girlfriend into the pit. The formula is light cream, peppermint liqueur and white cocoa liqueur. The taste is smooth, the key is the sommelier does not shake the ice to release too much water, I am the beauty of this wine would rather not enough ice can not be too much water. Taste is the flavor of mint chocolate, basically no difference, the feeling of alcohol is very weak, but because most of the bar selection of white cocoa liqueur, it is easy to chocolate is not strong enough, but generally dare to do this cup of bar tasting will not be too Hard to drink. Incidentally, different cocktails will have some variants or derived cocktails, also mention here, for people with good memory and curiosity, you can ask the bartender to help tune. Varieties of Grasshopper mainly change the types of liqueurs, like I did with green tea liqueur, with mint chocolate feels good. The other is the masculine version, the wine friends have ever shared Flying Grasshopper's wine list, the cream replaced vodka, mint chocolate and spirits lovers, I simply cool fly!

2, Alexander / Brandy Alexander (Alexander)
This is the most famous cream bartender, I do not know if it is the earliest one (please correct me). The earliest versions of 1915 were made using Gin, cream (or half and half whipped cream), cacao liqueur, and later Brandy Alexander with brandy modulation, which are now basically brandy. Smooth, melted ice cream is like a melting ice cream with a sweet nose of chocolate and brandy, sweet and easy to eat, and slightly more scentier than the Grashopper. With cardamom, the taste of the whole cup is very female. Background story Have to mention Days of Wine and Roses (1962) This movie, one of the classic addiction to alcoholic movie, about how to pull the drooling woman into the pit (as if where wrong). Derivatives, I think Grasshopper should also count, in addition to the history of Gin and now the king of Brandy, in theory, the other basic wine will match. Aged rum and spices such as Zacapa, Bacardi, Oakheart, etc. should also be good, the next time I try. In addition Silk Stocking and Barbara are also classic.

3, White Russian (White Russia)
The reason why it is not entirely feminine to recommend this is because the taste of popular, people who do not hate coffee generally do not hate this cup, especially the White Russian Russian alcohol than the much lower alcohol. Vodka plus coffee liqueur after the practice of adding milk (also Half and half of the practice), stirring(OEM Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon) can be easily at home is also transferred. Smell of coffee, milky aroma and a certain amount of alcohol, with almost the same intensity of coffee as iced coffee, slightly sweeter (the lack of a sweetened coffee in the world of cocktails). Black Russian is not the way to add milk, but because the general bar KAHLUA selected for coffee liqueur, its sweetness is considered "notorious", in contrast I still like the White Russian more.