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Which cocktails are more common and suitable for girls in the bar (sixth)-Spirits

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-03-13
For women who are accustomed to white liquor, they usually have too many options to choose from. The world of spirits cocktails(china Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker supplier) is infinitely beautiful! After all, the idea of ​​a cocktail is to make it harder for more people to enjoy it, to make the spirits more colorful, and not to make juice fruity.

1. Appletini / Apple Martini (Apple Martini)
Many people do not know that there is such a wine, but in fact it is well tuned, and most bars have a supply, ample intensity and a wealth of apple incense to make this wine cross the gender gap. There are roughly two commonly used recipes, all of which are intense, and they are very good enough for apples. They are all very tasty, just like the first apple-flavored Fanta in childhood, and the first frozen fresh in high school. The apple juice was moved, completely out of the heart of "eat apples for health!" (Looking back at your industry is not politically correct.) One is a recipe without Calvados, vodka, apple liqueur (usually DeKuyper, then LeJay and Bols) and apple juice/cointreau, most popularized. One kind, because the apple flavor in liqueur is very easy to feel, and the basic wine(Stainless steel Wine Bucket china) is vodka. Basically the aroma is a simple apple fragrance, and there is moderate sweetness, the acidity is not strong, and it is good to drink. Distinctive features. One would use Calvados formula instead of liqueur or even vodka. Calvados itself is the apple brandy, which is made by the way of brewing brandy, but the original raw material was changed into apple, and it is also a good drink that is good for single drink and good drink. Because the taste of apple originated from Chen Shui-bian and the deep fragrance of Calvados was added, the feeling of the whole glass of wine is no longer so simple. The smell of apple is no longer floating on the surface. It becomes mature and subtle, and it requires experience to discover. Sweetness will also drop a little, and it does not look green. This kind of tune-up is also very good, but it's not that good. There are only two kinds of rough categories here, and the formula here is not fixed yet. Considering where the apple taste comes from, what alcohol is offered, and the ratio is not the same, the formula ratio of apple martini is basically not public. . Watch this link from World's Best Bars to get a glimpse of what to do.
2. Manhattan (Manhattan)
The queen of cocktails is on par with Martini, the king of cocktails. Made from North American Whisky (Bourbon or Canada), Red Vermouth, a handful of Angostura bitters, and finally canned red cherries. We have strong texture as spirit, but there is better entrance than Martini because there is abundant sweetness decoration, but ... Because of this sweetness, herbal taste of wormwood and taste of bitterness are added, we make person who is not used to herb taste Gives a feeling of "cough syrup". In fact, this wine is far from the taste of herbal cocktails(cocktail shaker supplier china), but if you find that you like the taste, it may be able to try the direction of the herb system. In addition to this, although the Bourbon/Canadian Whiskey is not so distinctive, the presence of whisky itself is still sufficient. Because of the unique taste of Bourbon, Manhattan will not turn into a clear herb. The taste of cocktails. Women who want to start marching into the complex tastes of cocktails are the most suitable from this wine. In addition, there are many variants of Manhattan, the most famous is Rob Roy, whose name derives from the Robin Hood thief in Scotland. The only change was to change the type of whisky from whiskey from North America to Scottish whisky, and it immediately became a completely different feeling because of the subtle differences in the choice of base wines. (Naturally, people who drink spirits are not subtle at all.) ). There is also the Italian style of changing Vermouth to Campari.