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What are the differences between mocha, latte and cappuccino?

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  • Release on :2018-10-31
1, cappuccino: the focus is that it has a thick layer of dense milk foam, the current popular cappuccino and latte may actually only have the difference in the amount of cups, the amount of cappuccino will be The latte is less, so it is more prominent in coffee. When you drink a cappuccino, you can use the back of the spoon to push the surface of the milk foam layer, so you can see the thickness of the milk foam, drink a little bit a little bit, or you might only drink milk foam.

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2, latte: is also the base of espresso coffee, generally will be milk to silky smooth to make a good-looking pull pattern is also called latteart. In fact, Latte means fresh milk in Italian. In the English-speaking world, it refers to coffee made from hot milk. Coffee Latte is the so-called milk-filled coffee, which is usually translated directly into "Latte."

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A well-developed barista usually has a good pull technique, so when you order a latte at a boutique coffee shop, you may get a cup of coffee with a beautiful pull! Don't hesitate to take pictures at this time~~ Of course, the technical activity of pulling flowers is often missed, so don't pay too much attention to the details. Like cappuccino, drink a little bit, don't put it too long to drink, otherwise the surface coffee oil will be cool, and finally stressed again, don't be burned...

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3, Mocha: Mocha coffee should be regarded as a variant of latte coffee, that is, adding chocolate sauce on the basis of latte, chocolate and espresso coffee are also one of the perfect match ~~ Stir before drinking, because chocolate sauce is usually It is in the cup or the bottom of the cup, and it will precipitate after a long time.