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The secret of the table culture in European countries

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-09-28

Gentle everywhere

The French love romance is well known, and this romantic and aristocratic temperament is also vividly displayed on the table. They believe that food is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also an art. Exquisite conversation, manners and lifestyle are all elegant signs.

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Therefore, whenever you eat a bite of food and are ready to talk to someone, be sure to use the end of the napkin to gently press the end of the napkin a few times and roll the dirty part to the inside. After the meal is over, place the napkin on the leg on the left side of the table. After eating each dish, don't arbitrarily place the knife and fork. The correct way is to put the knife and fork on the plate with the forks facing up.


Attentive sex

In Italy, eating and cooking is almost a philosophy. The Italians’ time concept is not strong, especially at banquets, receptions, etc. It is common to see 15 or 20 minutes late. And in the banquet, the Italians did not have the habit of persuading wine, more casual.

Italians value lunch and dinner, like to drink while chatting, and when they are chatting, they don't like to be too close, and they don't like to stare at them when they talk, thinking that this kind of gaze is impolite. of.

When invited to an Italian family to eat, pay attention to etiquette, do not slap the knives and forks, especially when eating spaghetti, use a fork to roll up the noodles and send them to your mouth. After each dish is used up, put the knife and fork on the plate.

United Kingdom

Gentleman from beginning to end

The British people attach great importance to the table culture. As a state of ceremonies with rich and colorful etiquette, the table manners are also known for their extreme elegance, which is followed by the “gentlemen” and “ladyes” of various countries.

The British think that going, "eat the phase" can represent a person's education and connotation. Therefore, in a British restaurant, there is usually no loud talk or loud shouting, and a quiet and courteous dining state is the norm. When dining, the British will dine quietly in their seats, smile elegantly, drink soup and can't make a sound, shut up and chew food, you must swallow the food before you can speak.

When you are eating, sit up straight, don't touch the back of your chair, and your elbows should not be placed on the table. No matter how crunchy and fragile the food is, don't eat your head down on the plate. In addition to drinking soup, you can gently lower your head. If you are not eating, keep your hands on your knees and never put your elbows on the table. This is rude behavior in any country.

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Indispensable conversation

Germans don't pay much attention to their daily diet. They pay attention to the principle of eating a stomach and saving time. For banquets and large-scale dinners, they think that the most important thing is not to eat or drink, but to achieve interpersonal relationship through mutual eating. Share feelings. Therefore, the ideal banquet should be carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere from beginning to end.

The Germans pay great attention to the sitting posture at the dining table. They should always keep their upper body straight when eating. In addition to the "seat between the seats", the body should not lean on the back of the chair. Special regulations: The knife and fork for eating fish should not be used to eat meat or cheese; it is not advisable to accumulate too much food in the dish; when drinking, drink beer and then drink wine.


Dining etiquette is to educate

In Spain, dining etiquette is very important. If there is an accident at the banquet, it will be regarded as uncultivated by the other party.

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The Spaniards have a toasting habit when dining. When toasting, say a toast to touch the glass and symbolize a little drink. When eating appetizing snacks or toppings, you can eat directly by hand. Do not speak when drinking soup. Do not talk when there is food in the mouth. Cover your mouth with your hands or napkin when you are picking your teeth. After the feast is over, don't thank the owner.

United States

Detail-oriented gentleman

In the United States, guests are generally very casual and will not let everyone feel restrained. They often say "to my home, just like to your own home" and "you do it yourself", but this does not mean that they treat the table manners very casually. Oh.

The Europeans dine with the knife in the right hand holding the fork and cut the fork to feed the food into the mouth. The Americans cut the knife for the right hand, cut the fork to the right hand, and then sent the food to the entrance with a fork. Americans are very quiet when they eat. They think that when chewing food, they should close their mouths, so that there will be no indecent sounds coming out. They enjoy the wonderful feelings of food.

At the dining table, the happy atmosphere is growing and the interpersonal relationship is at its peak. Eating together is a sacred moment, and beautiful things are sublimated. A small dining table is also a way to experience culture.