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The relationship between people's reaction to coffee and their personality

The relationship between people's reaction to coffee and their personality

E-BON E-BON 2018-09-27 19:46:46

Here are the coffee varieties I have piloted over the years. Every time I order, I will carefully observe and carefully analyze the reactions of the surrounding people. Here, I will share my feelings with everyone.

"White Coffee" Flat white
When making "white coffee," baristas usually pull flowers for customers for free, sometimes a leaf, sometimes a heart. But to be honest, this makes no sense to sell coffee. The difference between "white coffee" and cappuccino is the texture and amount of milk foam. Cappuccino coffee requires a thicker milk foam and is used in one-third of the coffee cup. The "white coffee" milk foam only requires a smooth taste and is flush with the cup. “White Coffee” has become popular in the United States and will soon become the most popular coffee variety in the world. This unpretentious coffee balances the unique taste of coffee with the smooth taste of milk and is the perfect choice to start a day of work and life. If you prefer "white coffee", then I can only say that you value coffee itself, there is no other requirement.

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Latte coffee Caffe latte
In other countries, latte is no different from "white coffee." But in Australia, latte coffee contains more milk, more bulk, coffee tastes lighter, and the taste of coffee itself is diluted more softly. People usually make latte in a glass, which is more like a cup of hot milk with a little coffee. I clearly remember that when I was walking in a park on the outskirts of Sydney, a woman with ankle-high heels swept past me and shouted at her dog: "Latte! Come on!". Since then, every time I order a latte, I feel a little strange.

Piccolo latte Piccolo latte
A small cup of latte, usually made with 15-20 ml of espresso and 70 ml of milk. Every time I order this kind of coffee, I feel very embarrassed, because its name contains both "latte" (latte), and it comes out with a strange flute. I think it's too ironic to give such a stupid name to such a delicious coffee. In fact, Piccolo latte is a little bit of milk on Italian espresso, which is strong and can set off the taste of coffee itself.

Macchiato Macchiato
This kind of coffee can help you get through the sleepy afternoon. Macchiato coffee is a little milk foam on Italian espresso. People who order this kind of coffee usually like a strong taste. They may seem difficult to get along with, but in most cases they are more like a fake expert who likes coffee that is meaningless to others.

Double macchiato coffee Long macchiato
The only difference between it and the Macchiato coffee is that the coffee is a little milk foam on a double Italian espresso. It tastes very strong, and few people like this coffee except for those who have a special taste.

Cappuccino Cappuccino
The first cup of coffee in my life is cappuccino. This coffee is perfect for those who try coffee for the first time, because you can eat some chocolate on the milk before you taste the bitterness of the coffee. People who often order cappuccino or love the retro style of the 80s, or do not like the taste of coffee itself.

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Mocha Coffee Mocha
People who order Mocha coffee simply don't like coffee. But when it's cold, I like to order a cup, but don't be fooled by its name. This is actually a cup of hot chocolate with a bitter taste.

Gerdo Coffee Cartado
This kind of coffee is actually 3/4 cup "white coffee". If you want to marry a self-righteous barista, it's best to order it. Australians rarely drink this coffee, but in the United States, people even designed special cups for it. I recommend this coffee here, not only because I want to show off my coffee knowledge, but also because it is really good.
Coffee varieties without milk

Italian espresso coffee Espresso
Italian espresso, also known as single espresso, is designed for those who seek the purest quality and flawlessly add milk or water to their coffee. In Rome, people usually stand by a coffee bar and order a cup of espresso coffee. But this kind of coffee making method has very high quality requirements for the coffee beans and coffee blending varieties. So people who order espresso coffee understand that this is actually A gambling experience. This is actually the best way to appreciate the different types of coffee blending, and I very much agree with this view.

Expresso (missing of Espresso)
Don't order, otherwise people around you will laugh at you...

Super concentrated coffee Ristretto
The espresso version of espresso has a very strong taste and the name is puzzling. Also, the production process is really water-saving.

Double Italian espresso Long black
This coffee is extremely rich in flavor and has a higher temperature than milk coffee. Pointing this coffee means that you have a lot of free time to think about nihilism or Sartreism, and you don't like the taste of milk.
Other coffee varieties

No (low) due to coffee Decaf
I have a friend who loves nothing (low) because of coffee, but what bothers him is that there is still a little caffeine left in this coffee, not at all. For people like me who are addicted to caffeine, drinking this coffee is a waste of time. Maybe some people will laugh at you because you have no (low) coffee, but to be honest, it can help you get rid of excessive dependence on caffeine and not let you go to Starbucks for coffee on long trips.

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