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Teach you how to distinguish stainless steel?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-06-28
  Stainless steel barrel, OEM Stainless Steel Garlic Press some inferior products doped.
  Today I will show you how to identify good and inferior Stainless Steel Garlic Press company.
  First of all, the surface finish quality Stainless Steel Garlic Press manufacturer china bright, touch can feel very smooth, but usually inferior fineness is not good, feels there will be burrs and scratches, this is due to the production of inferior products to the factory production process is not perfect, technical workers is not comprehensive, polished surface in machining the process is not well.
  Secondly, there emerge many manufacturers of stainless steel with iron, stainless iron both strength and corrosion resistance are far lower than the stainless steel, we can through three ways to identify whether it is stainless steel, the first, can be used for stainless steel magnet test, iron content is extremely low and can not attract the magnet. The stainless iron for its high iron content to attract the magnet second, you can try the weight, the same specifications of stainless steel barrel weight than the weight of a large stainless steel drum.
  Third, copper sulfate identification, the oxide layer on the steel will be removed, put a drop of water, rub rub after copper sulfate, such as discoloration, usually stainless steel; such as purple red, nonmagnetic high manganese steel, magnetic for ordinary steel or low-alloy steel.