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Swiss government announced that it will cancel the coffee bean reserve system

Swiss government announced that it will cancel the coffee bean reserve system

2019-04-28 14:44:51
The Swiss government announced a plan to cancel the emergency food reserve system for coffee beans that has been in operation for decades. It is understood that earlier related units have announced that coffee beans are not necessary for humans to maintain their lives. However, some people expressed dissatisfaction with the decision and planned to organize protests. Stainless Steel Sugar Dispenser factory.

This emergency material reserve system was established during the first and second world wars and was used by the Swiss government in case of war, natural disasters and epidemics, in response to shortages of supplies. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl manufacturer.

According to the known information, 15 companies including Nestlé currently store coffee according to law, with a total amount of about 15,300 tons, which can guarantee the domestic use of Swiss people for three months.

In addition, data from the International Coffee Organization (International Coffee Organization) shows that among the 8.5 million residents in Switzerland, each person consumes about 9 kilograms of coffee per year, far more than the 3.3 kilograms in the United Kingdom, which is twice the US 4.5 kilograms. Bar spoon manufacturer china.

The government announced the relevant plans and solicited opinions from the public. The custodial coffee obligation will be completed before the end of 2022, when the relevant companies are free to reduce their inventory.