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Can the plastic lunch box be heated? Long-term use or harm to the kidneys

The plastic lunch box is a plastic container made of food grade plastic raw materials for the convenience of us to take food. It is a household plastic product that is very common in our daily life. But many people ask: Can plastic lunch boxes be heated in a microwave oven?

Heating the plastic lunch box will release the plasticizer, while the stainless steel lunch box will not.

Plasticizers enhance the flexibility of plastics, making them easier to process and plastic, and have been widely used in the industry. Each plastic has its heat-resistance limit. Among the materials used for food, the most heat-resistant one is polypropylene (PP) can withstand 140 ° C, followed by polyethylene (PE) can resist 110 ° C, and polystyrene ( PS) can only heat up to 90 °C. At present, the special plastic lunch boxes for microwave ovens are mainly made of PP or PE. If the temperature exceeds their heat resistance limit, the plasticizer may be released, so it is necessary to avoid heating the plastic lunch box to heat food for a long time. However, stainless steel bowl can be heated for a long time.

What are the hazards of plasticizers on the human body? According to the survey, plasticizers can interfere with the body's endocrine system and affect the reproductive system of the human body, especially men. Animal studies have shown that long-term ingestion of plasticizers may damage the liver, kidneys and affect growth.

Plastic tableware is uneven, it should be changed

Plastic products also have a shelf life. After expiration, the plastic will age and become discolored and brittle. If the plastic box used is yellow or no longer transparent, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Therefore, there are always people on the Internet who say, “The plastic lunch box has been used for a long time, and there will be irregularities inside. If you lose it, you will be eaten into your stomach.” Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the shelf life of plastic products. At the same time, aged plastics may release substances that may be harmful to the human body. As for how long a plastic lunch box can last, depending on personal use and cleaning methods, the shelf life of most plastic products is generally about three to five years. If used frequently, it is better to replace them in one to two years. Stainless steel material can be used for a long time.

Need to be wary, we are now in many large shopping malls or supermarkets, we have seen a lot of microwave oven-specific heating boxes, like this kind of lunch box, it is to be put into the plastic lunch box The heating inside the microwave oven is safer, but now there is such a situation, that is, there are a lot of goods now. It is a special sign for microwave ovens, but it also has counterfeit goods, so we also buy Pay close attention to the product's trademark and production address.