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Stainless steel tableware use precautions, easy to clean and durable one kind of tableware!

As people's quality of life requirements increase, the quality of the choice of living utensils will be relatively improved, so that it will be more convenient and healthy to use. The kitchen is a key area for the family's diet. It is not only designed to be reasonably organized for cooking, but also to purchase practical utensils and kitchen utensils. Different materials have different effects. Many people like to use stainless steel cutlery. What are the characteristics?

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Stainless steel is made from iron-chromium alloy and other trace elements. Because of its good metal properties and better rust resistance than other metals, the finished vessel is beautiful and durable. Therefore, more and more are being used to make tableware, and gradually enter the family life. Stainless steel can be divided into three types according to metallographic structure, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel. The main components of stainless steel are iron, chromium, nickel alloys, and also trace elements such as manganese, titanium, cobalt and cadmium, which also make the stainless steel performance more stable, with rust and corrosion resistance. Austenitic stainless steel is not easily magnetized due to the special nature of the internal molecular structure.

One of the stainless steel cutlery is stainless steel antibacterial tableware, which is a new type of stainless steel antibacterial tableware with the function of killing or inhibiting microorganisms. Its special feature lies in the material used. Antibacterial materials mostly refer to the function of inhibiting or sterilizing materials by adding certain antibacterial substances.

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Stainless steel tableware use precautions
1. It is not allowed to hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. for a long time. These foods contain a large amount of electrolytes. If they are kept for a long time, stainless steel and other metals will chemically react with the electrolyte and rust and corrosion.
2, can not use this material tableware to hold Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids or organic acids, especially under heating conditions, it is difficult to avoid chemical reactions, easy to cause drug failure or even toxicity.

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3, can not be washed with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals, these substances are electrolytes, also electrochemical reactions with stainless steel.
4, can not be air-fired, stainless steel with low thermal conductivity, slow heat transfer time, air burning will cause the chrome layer on its surface to aging off.
5, often clean, can be washed with the right amount of detergent, and then cleaned with water.

The above is a summary of the characteristics of stainless steel tableware, as well as matters needing attention when using it in daily life. If you like to use stainless steel tableware at home, you need to understand. Learning these details not only maintains the gloss of its surface, but also guarantees its useful life.