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Stainless steel processing difficulties, you know?

Stainless steel processing difficulties, you know?

E-BON E-BON 2017-06-14 10:37:29
  Stainless steel has many advantages, it is known to all, but few people know that his processing is also very difficult, and today we introduce, what are the main points:

  First of all, the cutting force and cutting temperature are high, which is due to the high strength of stainless steel materials, cutting stress and plastic deformation when cutting, so the cutting force is great. In addition, the thermal conductivity of this material is poor, but also lead to easy to increase the cutting temperature, and the temperature is usually concentrated in the long narrow area near the tool edge, which will speed up tool wear during processing.
  The second is the serious work hardening of austenitic stainless steel, high temperature alloy parts are stainless steel or austenitic, high work hardening tendency of the cutting, usually several times in the ordinary carbon steel, when the tool in the hardening area will reduce the cutting tool life.
  Third is easy to stick the knife, whether austenitic stainless steel or martensitic stainless steel, there are in the process of chip toughness, cutting temperature is very high. When the tough chip flows through the rake face, the bonding, welding and other sticking phenomena will occur, which will affect the surface roughness of the machined parts.
  The last point is to increase tool wear and stainless steel materials with high melting point and high plasticity, high cutting temperature, will accelerate the degree of tool wear, and sharpening, tool change too frequently will drag on the production efficiency, increase the tool cost.
  These show that the processing difficulty, compared to stainless steel processing process and tool parameters design in common structure steel materials are very different, in the production process there are many difficulties, the enterprises will have more technical requirements, E-BON, china Stainless steel factory, processing technology and equipment, he fully meet the requirements, there are many products you can choose: Stainless Steel Sugar Dispenser factory, Stainless Steel Conical Cocktail Sieve china.