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Stainless steel lunch box

Stainless steel tableware has good metal properties, the stored food will not deteriorate, and it is exquisitely made and easy to carry, which is highly sought after by students.

Stainless steel lunch box refers to stainless steel automatic argon arc welding, which is made by precision, is hygienic and non-toxic, durable, and has high brightness inside and outside. It is used to hold food to achieve antibacterial and heat preservation effects. And health, comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Suitable for office workers, student families

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Household stainless steel cutlery can be divided into three grades of 201, 430, 304 (18-8) and 18-10.
430 stainless steel:
Iron +12% or more of chromium can prevent oxidation caused by natural factors, called stainless steel, codenamed 430 in jis, so it is also called 430 stainless steel. However, 430 stainless steel cannot withstand the oxidation caused by chemicals in the air. After 430 stainless steel is not used for a period of time, it will still be oxidized (rusted) due to unnatural factors.
18-8 stainless steel:
Iron +18% chromium +8% nickel, can resist chemical oxidation, this stainless steel in the jis code is No. 304, so it is also known as 304 stainless steel.

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18-10 stainless steel:
However, there are more and more chemical components in the air, and some of the more polluted areas will have rust in 304; so some high-grade products will be made of 10% nickel to make them more durable and more resistant. The stainless steel is called 18-10 stainless steel. In some of the tableware instructions, there is a saying that "the use of 18-10 most advanced medical stainless steel material".
Stainless steel can be divided into three categories according to metallographic structure: austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel. The main components of stainless steel are iron, chromium and nickel alloys. In addition, trace elements such as manganese, titanium, cobalt, molybdenum and cadmium are included, which makes the stainless steel stable in performance and has rust and corrosion resistance. Austenitic stainless steels are not easily magnetized due to the special nature of the internal molecular structure.

In the purchase of insulated lunch boxes, mainly observe seven factors, 1, insulation performance; 2, sealing performance; 3, accessories work color; 4, capacity identification; 5, stainless steel material is up to standard; 6, the appearance of the lunch box is polished evenly Whether the welding is smooth; 7, whether the lunch box label is complete.

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Please wash with water before use. In order to improve the heat preservation effect, please preheat the containers of the insulated lunch box first, especially when the temperature is low, the soup container and the vegetable container are preheated in the stainless steel main body for 3~5 minutes after hot water. Appropriately increase the internal temperature of the bottle, please remember not to pour the water directly into the stainless steel body; eat food such as meals as soon as possible (best within 6 hours), long time will lead to food corrosion. Please use the kitchen detergent for cleaning; use a soft cloth soaked in warm water with a stainless steel bottle. Dip a little detergent, wring it out, wipe the stains, and wipe the residual detergent with a clean dry cloth. After washing the plastic containers, please After drying, put it in a bottle and store it.