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Original stainless steel meal has so many advantages

With the improvement of people's living standards, the tableware in the home gradually changed from porcelain tableware to stainless steel. This change is inevitable. Then, what advantages and benefits does stainless steel tableware have over traditional porcelain meals?

Benefits of using stainless steel cutlery

Stainless steel tableware contains trace metals such as manganese, titanium, cobalt and molybdenum. These are indispensable trace elements of the human body. The human body cannot synthesize itself and must be ingested from the outside. If the human body lacks one or a few trace elements, it will suffer from various diseases. Foods cooked in stainless steel cutlery can be eaten by people to obtain these trace elements.

Benefits of using antibacterial stainless steel cutlery

Antibacterial stainless steel takes into account the advantages of ordinary stainless steel, as well as a large number of metal ions and also contains copper ions. Copper ions have many advantages for the human body:

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1. Copper ions, like zinc ions and iron ions, are important components of brain neurotransmitters. If insufficient intake can cause nervous system disorders, brain function disorders can occur. The lack of copper will reduce the pigment oxidase in brain cells and decrease the vitality, which will lead to memory loss, confusion, slow response, and even gait instability and exercise. To have a healthy and flexible brain, it is inseparable from copper ions.

2. When people simply blame the cause of heart disease on fat and high cholesterol diet, the lack of copper ions must not be neglected. The copper ions are synthesized in the human body with various metalloenzymes, and the oxidase is the blood vessels of the heart. Matrix collagen and elastin are essential substances in the formation process, and collagen is a fiber component that firmly connects cardiovascular muscle cells. Elastin promotes the elasticity of the heart and blood vessel walls. Therefore, once the copper ions are lacking, the cardiovascular system cannot maintain its normal morphology and function, thus giving the opportunity for coronary heart disease invasion.

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3. People are afraid of cancer, cancer is also afraid of people, afraid that the body can get enough copper ions. Copper ions can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and induce cancer cells to "suicide." Therefore, healthy people can take enough copper ions to prevent cancer, and cancer patients can prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, relieve the disease and accelerate recovery.

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4. Copper ions can sterilize and inhibit bacteria, prevent the growth of bacteria and protect people's health.

In addition, the appearance of the tableware made of antibacterial stainless steel is dazzling, beautiful and gorgeous, and clean and hygienic, wear-resistant and light, easy to brush and disinfect, and durable, chemically stable, more resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, and rational use of antibacterial stainless steel tableware It is good for people's health.