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Stainless steel kitchenware processing should pay attention to those problems?

  • Author:ebony
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  • Release on:2018-04-17
Stainless steel and titanium alloys are not easily rusted, not easily damaged, and attractive in appearance. Therefore, it is widely used in modern industrial products. While ordinary stainless steel and titanium processing very difficult, but due to the development of stainless steel, the more difficult to deal with precipitation hardening stainless steel, so there will be a lot of work hardening as the drill bit sharp enough to cut easily lead to the winding, cutting temperature, tool life, increase Caused by issues such as solubility. Then our products areStainless steel kitchenware, Stainless steel bar equipment should pay attention to those problems when processing it

First, product categories:

We have a wide range of diverse and varied forms of sheet metal processing. For example, stainless steel table, high-grade stainless steel hotel supplies, furniture furniture, stainless steel flower pots, stainless steel disinfection equipment, stainless steel distribution boxes, stainless steel carts, stainless steel trash, stainless steel furniture products and other products.

Second, processing categories: CNC machine tools (planing, cutting, folding, red) high-precision machining operations.

1.Stainless steel processing speed should be slow, feed rate slow, general line speed does not exceed 130.

2. The coolant should use water-soluble cutting fluid, semi-synthetic, cooling and lubrication are all good.

3. Although stainless steel is hard but it is also cotton, it means soft. The above car method will be scrambled. The stainless steel turning tool should be worn. The positive angle of the turning tool should be greater than 5 so that the amount of knife can be played well and the efficiency will be higher. General knife holding unilateral 3MM.

4. Because the stainless steel is easily deformed, drilling and tapping are very difficult, so to prevent overheating, spray oil on the machined surface.

5. In the stainless steel welding should pay attention to the size of the welder current adjustment.

6. Since the tool surface during machining in combination with other metal or non-metal alloying, the tool is more susceptible to rust, there are professionals that can give him an anti-oxidation film or an oxide film.

7. Lathe stainless steel processing and use YT8 lanes.