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The method of making stainless steel ice bucket

The method of making stainless steel ice bucket

E-BON E-BON 2018-04-19 15:29:45
The stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel kitchen utensils and stainless steel decorative bathroom accessories used on the home market are made of stainless steel. Nowadays, various utensils used in bars are also made of stainless steel, such as stainless steel ice buckets (Stainless steel ice bucket China), Shakers, stirrers, etc. Stainless steel tools are relatively durable, environmentally friendly and practical.

Let's look at the following about the production method of "stainless steel ice bucket":

"Stainless steel ice bucket" casting: the method of casting metal material to obtain qualified castings, including the tendency to fluidity, shrinkage and deformation;
Machining of stainless steel ice bucket: stainless steel products (Stainless Steel Milk Cup supplier china) Being processed by the ability to perform, the performance is usually evaluated after the surface roughness of the workpiece, the cutting speed and the wear of the tool.

The solderable material "stainless steel ice bucket" is adapted to the commonly used welding method and the ability of the stainless steel product in the welding process. The performance is generally based on the judgment of the weld area where the crack tear sensitivity and mechanical properties change. Manufacturer of stainless steel cymbals

"Stainless steel ice bucket" Cold bending: the material of stainless steel products is resistant to bending without breaking at room temperature and is usually assessed by cold bending tests. Manufacturer of stainless steel cymbals

"Stainless steel ice bucket" punching: stainless steel product material, the ability to deform after hot stamping without cracking, etc., Evaluation of the general cupping test, performance.

Wrought iron wrought iron bucket: stainless steel products (Thin wall ice bucket made of stainless steel with double wall) Resistant to the deformation of rivets, hammers, etc., without breakage. The performance of the stainless steel ice bucket is generally evaluated by the top forging test.

The above six points on the production casting method of "stainless steel ice bucket", for reference only.