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Stainless steel cutting type 3

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  • Release on:2018-02-01
10.3 water cutting:
Water is widely used in high production applications worldwide. It is complementary to other technologies (milling machine, laser, EDM, plasma and planer). Water jet cutting without the use of toxic gas or liquid, does not produce toxic substances or steam. Water jet cutting surface without leaving any HAZ or mechanical deformation. It is a real multi-function and high efficiency cold cutting technology.

The water jet has proven to be able to complete other technology can not work. From cutting thin in stone, glass and metal details, fast drilling in titanium alloy, cutting food, beverage and until the solution for disinfection, water has proved its value of the one and only.

Essentially, there are two types of water: (1) and (2) water jet abrasive waterjet. The equipment designed for use only pure water, can only use abrasive waterjet, or all two. In whatever form, water must be pressurized first. Two types of water: two water refers to the water jet and abrasive waterjet. The two have the unique performance that has been verified.

Water jet
Water jet cutting method is the earliest water. The first commercial application began in the mid 1970s and was used to cut corrugated cardboard. Application of water jet cutting is the largest disposable diapers, paper and automotive interiors. For cotton and disposable diapers, compared with other technologies, leaving the technology of water jet on the material at least water. In some diapers or tissue paper factory, unplanned downtime for other cutting technology is very common, the cost of more than $20000 per hour. The water is to provide year-round and continuous operation of maintenance operation can be incorporated into the production process for this application.

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