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Stainless steel cutting type 2

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  • Release on:2018-01-31
10.2 laser cutting:
Principle of metal laser cutting machine
Metal laser cutting machine is to use the xenon lamp as the laser beam of high energy density metal laser excitation source, and focus on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece is irradiated spot arealocal instantaneous melting and evaporation, through computer numerical control mechanical system of mobile spot illumination position and automatic cutting. It is a high and new technology equipment which integrates laser technology, numerical control technology and precision mechanical technology.

Characteristics of metal laser cutting machine
The 1. slit is of good quality, small deformation, smooth appearance and beautiful appearance.

2. the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, the operation is safe and the performance is stable.

3. use the imported servo motor and guide transmission mechanism, the cutting precision is high.

4. the use of professional software can design a variety of graphic or text instant processing, flexible processing, simple operation and convenient.

The 5. laser beam can be easily divided into time or space, which can be processed by multi beam simultaneous processing or multi - position sequence processing.

application area
1. laser cutting machine, commonly known as laser cutting machine, can cut metal, a variety of non-metal sheet material, pipe material. It is especially suitable for cutting of stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum, ceramic, silicon, diamond and so on.

2.it is widely used in sheet metal, hardware, steel structure, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, advertising, crafts, electronics, toys, packaging and other industries.

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