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Some nouns in the stainless steel industry

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  • Release on:2018-02-02
1. Overweight board:
The reason: should be mills for technical reasons, in the rolling plate when the actual thickness is thicker than the standard, or in length and width than the standard length, resulting in weight than the calculated weight again some.

2. The modified rolling plate:
The rolling plate is usually made from small factories and scrap steel and rolled into steel billets. The processing technology is backward, the surface quality is poor, the quality and mechanical properties are guaranteed, and the nickel content is not up to the normal requirement. In the process of processing, punching, arch wire eating.

3. The calendering plate:
The reason for producing calendering plate is that there is a big difference between the hot rolling coil and the cold rolling coil, and the roll changing coil is cheaper than the cold rolling coil. The calendering plate has both the advantage of price and the large profit margin, so many manufacturers produce the calender plate.

4.Production process:
The production of rolling plate manufacturers because it does not have the ability to produce cold-rolled plate, its production process is not up to the requirements of the production of cold plate, so they will buy from a large steel hot rolled coil, surface treatment and then rolled into a fever, cold roll various thickness.

The first grade material is produced without a little flaw. The two grade material may cause scratches and chromatic aberration in the production process, but it is not very serious. There is no substantial difference in mechanical properties and elemental content and primary material. The price is a little cheaper than the first class. Not strict customers can be used!

The difference between L1, LH and 201:
L1 means that 201 of the board contains 0.8 nickel, and LH means that 201 of the plate contains 0.6 nickel. The price of LH is a little cheaper than the price of L1.

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