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Healthy food should have "shape"

Healthy food should have "shape"

2018-12-04 15:07:06
Powdered foods such as meal replacement powder, cereal flour, and protein powder are easy to carry and easy to eat, and are sought after by many people. How to choose the right product for you?

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With the upgrading of product innovation and processing technology, there are many types of pasta products on the market today. Although their nutritional value is very different, there is not much difference in appearance. If you do not look carefully at the information on the food packaging, you may choose unhealthy products.

In general, the paste foods are divided into the following three categories.

The first type of products are rice flour, sugar or starch as the main raw material, supplemented by a small amount of “effective ingredients”, and the nutritional value is very low. It is not recommended.

The second category is cereal flour products, which are usually pre-cooked in a variety of cereals, mixed together after powdering, and some products contain nuts, even vegetables and fruits. This type of pasta food is characterized by its natural nature and is suitable for daily meals or as a substitute for some meals, but its nutritional value is influenced by the ratio of raw materials. The ratio is unreasonable and there may be some defects in nutrition.

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The third category is some meal replacement powder products. The raw materials used in these products are high in protein and low in energy. The common feature is that they are rich in vitamins and minerals. High-protein meal replacement powder is mainly suitable for fitness people who need a lot of protein and nutrients. Low-energy meal replacement powder can help people with weight loss control energy intake, supplement various nutrients needed by the body, and maintain the normal operation of the body.

For these three types of foods, we can distinguish them by looking at the food ingredient list and the nutrient ingredient list.

How high is the nutrition of the powdered food? Food In the process of powdering, it will lose some less stable nutrients such as vitamins and plant chemicals. During the preservation process, the paste food is more susceptible to oxidative deterioration due to the increased surface area in contact with oxygen. At the same time, the powdering process destroys the original structure of the food, which allows some of the ingredients deep inside the food to directly contact our digestive tract. The consequence is to speed up the digestion and absorption of food, and this change requires energy reduction. It is not good for people who are ingested.

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Another problem with eating pasta is that our stomach does not need to exercise much, and in the long run it may weaken the ability to digest. Therefore, unless at a certain stage, such as weight loss, muscle gain, which has special needs for nutrients, or when there is no time to eat a whole meal, the paste food is not a product form worthy of our long-term adherence. Healthy food still has a "shape."