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Life is like coffee, can't be perfunctory!

Life is like coffee, can't be perfunctory!

E-BON E-BON 2018-08-17 10:34:59

In August, it’s autumn, and autumn is coming.

The wind is getting a little cold,

This year, there is too much rain, and I feel a little bored.

People also become lazy

Then you must be missing a cup of coffee

A cup of serious hand-washed coffee...

Because coffee is the same as life, it can't be!

There is life in the coffee, there is a story, it is a journey...

On an autumn afternoon, a small mouth pot, a filter paper, a filter cup, a favorite coffee, and a lover, together with coffee. A gentle extraction of coffee, for my enjoyment of life...

Although the hand-made coffee is simple in equipment, it looks very easy. In fact, it has the possibility of various tastes. Even the coffee that the same person brews every time is not exactly the same taste. A cup of very perfect hand-washed coffee not only requires skill in brewing, but also requires careful grasp of various factors, such as coffee variety, coffee bean dosage, grinding degree, water temperature, water quality, water flow, extraction time, water injection method and timing. Even the preferences of the drinker, etc., to adjust the brewing method, so that coffee always presents a perfect balance of sweet, sour, bitter, alcoholic and fragrant in front of people.

Hand-washed coffee, there is a certain degree of attention, hot water with a water temperature of 88 to 93 degrees is injected from the center of the coffee powder for the first steaming. The effect of steaming is to wake up the flavor in the coffee powder with hot water, and for the first time The time of extraction, steaming and water injection are not fixed. Because the type of beans, the degree of baking and the degree of grinding are different, the amount of water absorption is different. Under normal circumstances, the deep-baked beans, the better the water-swelling degree of steaming, the thinner the degree of grinding, the shorter the time of steaming and extraction, and vice versa.

Therefore, the soul "person" who dominates the whole leisure feast is a cup of coffee.

Fresh coffee beans are the perfect match for hand-made coffee

The coffee beans must be washed out to be judged.

And life, you have to taste after you know... 

A cup of good hand brewing coffee, injecting too much of our feelings and feelings, coffee is also alive, we have to study the properties of each type of coffee beans, it is like a person, everyone's character will be different, coffee is the same So, coffee is life.