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Can coffee and tea drink together?

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  • Release on:2018-08-16

Coffee(manual coffee grinder manufacturer china) and tea are the current mainstream drinks. In any country or region, coffee and tea can be seen. One is the representative drink in the West, which represents the oriental culture. Then coffee and tea can be drunk together. ?

The ingredients of the tea group include caffeine, tannic acid, vitamin C, amino acid, catechin, flavonoids and phenols. The content of different tea ingredients is slightly different, and some are rich in vitamin C. Tea calories will be higher.

The main ingredient of coffee is caffeine, which is the most noticeable of all coffee ingredients. It belongs to the plant yellow matter (animal muscle composition), the nature is the same as the theobromine in the cocoa, the theophylline contained in the green tea, the caffeine in the coffee bean has the excitatory and diuretic effect, which is also the coffee can make people An important reason for refreshing.

From the perspective of nutrients, there is no conflict between the two. The theory is that they can be drunk together. From the functional point of view, coffee and tea have the effect of refreshing and refreshing. Coffee plays a role in the brain, while tea acts on the stomach, coffee and tea. Drinking together has no harm to the body, but at the same time drinking has a higher requirement for the regulation of bodily functions, because the body has to secrete two digestive enzymes at the same time. At the same time, drinking a lot of water is not good for the body's acid-base balance. It is recommended to drink coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, warm water or honey water in the evening.