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Is stainless steel magnetic?

Is stainless steel magnetic?

ebony ebony 2018-04-13 15:35:22
Many people are concerned about the magnetic properties of stainless steel. In general,Stainless steel product supplierThe austenitic stainless steel tube is not magnetic. However, martensite and ferrite are magnetic, but austenite may also be magnetic.
When it is solidified, part of the smelting causes residual magnetic properties. For example, in 304, residual 3-8% is normal, so austenite should be nonmagnetic or weakly magnetic.

Austenitic stainless steel tube is not magnetic, but after the cold work hardening, there will be part of the γ phase generated martensitic phase transformation will produce magnetic, heat treatment method can be used to eliminate this martensite and restore its non-magnetic.

Simply speaking, 304 stainless steel is subjected to deep drawing or bending process, and it may be magnetic in the deformation area. Can not determine whether the 304 stainless steel by magnetic.

You can use the magnet to try again on the flat surface of the sink, away from the corners of the bend, and it should be incapable of sucking.

Ferromagnetism is mainly determined by the composition of the stainless steel alloy, the crystal structure, and the cold working process. The stainless steel composed of the austenite crystal structure does not have ferromagnetism, and stainless steel composed of ferrite and martensite crystal structures can be attracted to the magnet.

The 300 series stainless steel has Ni that makes most of the stainless steel in austenitic crystal structure, so it is basically not ferromagnetic.

However, when the 300 series stainless steel is subjected to cold working, the crystal structure of the 300 series stainless steel is changed to have a ferromagnetic characteristic in the processing deformed area, and thus the position shows ferromagnetic property, that is, it can be attracted by the magnet. The austenite stainless steel is magnetized mainly due to the processing distortion resulting in the transformation of the crystal structure to the magnetization direction. Therefore, the crystal structure of the stainless steel can be restored to the austenitic structure by means of a temperature-increasing heat treatment.

The 400 series stainless steel lacks Ni, and its crystal structure is similar to that of carbon steel, which makes it ferromagnetic. For the 400 series stainless steel, since its crystal structure itself has magnetization characteristics, it cannot be removed even by heat treatment.

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