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"Hand coffee pot" full of vitality

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-06-04
Coffee is not unfamiliar to urbanites. Many people need a cup of coffee in the morning to be full of vitality all day long.

There are many kinds of coffee, hand coffee is drip coffee, filtered out through the filter, it can maximize the original taste of coffee. There is an awe-inspiring sense of ritual.

Hand-made coffee, commonly used utensils include: hand-washing pots, coffee filter paper, coffee filter cups, thermometers, electronic scales and timers.

Among these, hand coffee pots play a crucial role in the quality of a cup of coffee.

Using a drip coffee maker to brew coffee is a very economical and convenient method. Seemingly simple, in fact it needs to have considerable experience, if enough effort is needed, you can punch out a very high level of coffee; its focus lies on whether you can get a good amount of water and speed.

Stainless steel hand washed pot, mirror steel, matte black, rose gold three colors, it is Europe and the United States top baristas are using hand-washing pots, breaking water, but also particularly labor-saving.

In San Francisco's American Museum of Modern Art gift shop, there is also display, is the gift of all people's hearts. It is a hand coffee pot that can maximize the hand coffee experience.