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Can baby food supplements eat butter?

Many treasure moms like a baby to eat butter. After the butter melts, it is used to cook. It is really rich in flavor and the baby loves it very much. But butter is an animal fat, whether it is salt butter or unsalted butter, where the saturated fat content is particularly high. The higher the saturated fat content of fats and oils, the easier it is to condense into pieces. For example, the lard that used to be eaten is always a frozen piece. When the elders cook, they use a spoon to dig a piece into the pot. Saturated fatty acids are one of the major factors recognized by the nutrition community to cause abnormalities in blood lipids. Some common diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease are related to excessive intake of saturated fat. So now the nutrition community calls for eating as little animal fat as possible, so-called refined lard should be ingested in moderation. Saturated fat is not good, then we don't eat it, why not? However, saturated fat is unavoidable in our diet. It is found in animal foods such as poultry, meat, seafood, eggs, and milk, including some vegetable oils that contain saturated fat.

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We can't avoid the intake of saturated fat. If too much intake is harmful to the body, then we should be conscious of reducing our intake, for example, not eating lard, butter, butter. Despite the aroma of butter cooking, the saturated fat that is ingested by the baby is sufficient, so don't take the initiative to give your baby a very high saturated fat.

Now many treasure moms like to bake at home, bake some small biscuits and small bread for the baby, think it is much cleaner than the ones sold in the market, and the baby can rest assured that he can eat at home. Some of the treasures are very good at baking, and the food they make is very attractive regardless of color or smell. It is also a high-grade snack for the baby.

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But for a baby with a small age, such baked goods are still eaten less. Most of the food is a product of flour + oil + sugar + other materials, the heat is very high, but the nutrients are not comprehensive. The amount of calories a baby needs for a day is relatively fixed. When he gets enough energy from the baked food, he will not like to eat normal food supplements, because his body reacts to no longer need food, so long-term The baby is unbalanced in nutrition.

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Therefore, although the butter is a high-quality cooking material, whether it is butter cooking or butter baking food, it is best for the baby to eat as little as possible, or not to eat. It is best to choose the vegetable oil with high unsaturated fatty acid content for the baby. of.