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Foreign netizens: What is the attitude of Chinese people to Western tableware? The netizen answered

Recently, tableware has been a hot topic for Chinese and foreign netizens. This stems from DG's prejudice against Chinese food culture. They believe that Chinese chopsticks are "small stick-shaped tableware", which has attracted the attention of netizens all over the world. More and more foreigners are beginning to understand Chinese chopsticks. In Quora, foreigners ask: What is the attitude of Chinese people to Western tableware? Do they think it is worse than chopsticks? Regarding chopsticks, it is the main tableware for Chinese food. Objectively speaking, chopsticks are very suitable for eating Chinese food, such as rice, noodles, stir-fry and other foods. It is very convenient to eat in the mouth with chopsticks.

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But for some foreigners, chopsticks are not suitable for cutting food, and steaks cannot be eaten. In fact, the birth of chopsticks is not to reduce food, because Chinese food often turns into chopsticks when the food is cooked. Let us now look at the question of this foreigner: What is the attitude of Chinese people to Western tableware? Do they think it is worse than chopsticks? What are the answers of Chinese and foreign netizens? Some netizens’ answers give foreigners peace of mind. Some foreign netizens said: Chopsticks are very suitable for Chinese food. Imagine how to enjoy a hot pot with a fork and a knife? Of course, it is not a good idea to take a bite of hot soup with metal cutlery. Western-style cutlery is perfect for Western food, and you can't eat chopsticks steak in an elegant way. So I don't think Chinese people will look down on Western food, and they won't like Chinese chopsticks.

The heart of foreigners also has the answer of netizens: When I came to France at the age of 22, all the food here was made with knives and forks. Obviously, I am already a big kid who will soon learn these new cutlery. I have to say that the knife and fork will make my hand sleepy. I want to rest on two wrists. I need a pair of chopsticks. Eating pasta chopsticks is convenient, and French fries are still convenient. Those who think that chopsticks can't eat steak are not very big. There are also netizens' answers to foreigners: I can eat with chopsticks, then do you think chopsticks are better than tableware? Obviously the knife and fork can't eat too hot food. Seafood, salad, dessert, butter, bread, when will I choose a knife and fork? Which is better? I am a little trouble now, give me a pair of chopsticks, I will never feel trouble.

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There are also foreign netizens who say that chopsticks are a great tableware, and a pair of chopsticks with many functions can do things that the knife and fork can't do. Using chopsticks can clean all the food on the plate, but for me, the only downside to chopsticks is that it can't be used in soups. Some foreigners also replied: Nothing is better than anything. This is the food you eat. Western food is more suitable for Western food, while chopsticks are more suitable for Asian food. If the restaurant offers Western food, we will use knife and fork. In the Chinese restaurant, we prefer to use chopsticks.

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Some foreigners also said: Do you have such troubles? When you finish the salad on the plate, some bracken leaves will be left inside. You can't take it with your fork anyway, and then you find it convenient to use chopsticks, it can be used for almost any occasion. Some foreign netizens also said: Most Chinese are still not used to using cutlery. But there is no prejudice and it is just exotic for them. I noticed that most Chinese families do not have a knife and fork. I found that high quality Western tableware can be used as a gift.