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Do you know these taboos for this stainless steel tableware?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-02-28
Stainless steel is made of iron, chrome, nickel alloy and then doped with trace elements such as molybdenum, titanium, cobalt and manganese.

The metal properties are good and the finished utensils are beautiful and durable. Incorrect use of china stainless steel cleaning productsHeavy metals can slowly "accumulate" in the human body, putting health at risk.

1. Avoid too acidic food

Stainless steel tableware may not contain salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc., must not contain acidic juice. Because these foods in the electrolytes and tableware metal elements from the complex "electrochemical reaction", so that the element dissolved above release.

2. Avoid washing strong bases and strong oxidants

Such as alkaline water, soft drinks and bleach, and so on. Because these electrolytes also react "electrochemically" with some of the ingredients in the dishes, they erode the stainless steel dishes (oem Stainless Steel Mearing Spoon) And let it dissolve the harmful elements.

3. Bogey fried Chinese herbs

Due to the complex composition of Chinese herbal medicines, most contain a variety of alkaloids, organic acids. Easy to react with some stainless steel components when heated, so the efficacy decreased.

4. May not be free to burn

Because stainless steel than iron, aluminum products, low thermal conductivity, thermal conduction is relatively slow, empty cooker causes the chrome layer on the surface of aging, loss.

5. Do not buy bad
Because such raw materials of stainless steel cutlery bad, crude production, can contain a variety of harmful to human health, heavy metals, especially lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium.
Many people will have stainless steel tableware (Stainless steel ice bucket with ring handles) At home, because it is much stronger than ceramic tableware. But with a long time, it will lose the original beautiful gloss, lost pity, remain insured, then how to do?
        To begin with, you learn four formulas: Number: 1,2,3,10!
        Tools: detergent, expired or leftover ketchup, a glass of water, an empty glass, a crown cap, a small brush
Formula "1": packed with a bottle of detergent and pour the detergent into the empty cap cap.
Formula 2: Pour 2 caps of ketchup and pour the ketchup into the cap with detergent in the cup.
Formula 3 ": followed by 3 caps of water in the cup.
Formula "10": The cup of the detergent according to the measurement of good mixing, smears on the dinnerware, and then brush with a small brush boring, enjoy for 10 minutes.

Cleaning water purification
The so-called formula number: 1,2,3, ie, take a bottle of detergent, 2 caps of ketchup, 3 bottles of water together stir, made from special detergent; 10 is soaked with detergent stainless steel pot. Shine for ten minutes, and finally rinse with water to become clear as new!
The reason: acetic acid in tomato sauce and chemical reaction of metal, it makes the stainless steel pot clear as new. This method also applies to very dirty kitchen black!