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Kitchenware industry how to deal with "kitchen haze"

Kitchenware industry how to deal with "kitchen haze"

E-BON E-BON 2018-03-01 11:14:11
I just want my child to be protected from smog. "When Chai Jing spoke in tears under" Dome, "how many parents poked the heart.

Perhaps you have not realized that fumes are more ubiquitous than smog in everyday kitchens. Many people in life have neglected the pollution caused by household kitchen fumes and the harm they bring to the public. And Chai Jing this sentence, once again the kitchen fumes caused by indoor "haze" argument to the climax of public opinion. How should we deal with "kitchen haze" it? china Stainless Steel Housewares industry is giving the answer. Shopping malls in Dongguan Wanda A three kitchen counters Purchasing Guide said: "Now go straight to the shopping malls stainless steel kitchen area increased significantly.

Holding the attitude of truth-seeking, the reporter went to Dongguan Wanda Department Store on the sixth floor kitchen area and found that people come to buy stainless steel pot(china Stainless Steel Housewares supplier) really a lot of people. Reporter interviewed just bought a wok live Tangxia Town, Dongguan Mr. Lee, mentions why the purchase of stainless steel kitchenware products, he said excitedly: "This is a birthday present to his wife, she always complained about kitchen fumes, Quickly into the yellow face, and three A kitchenware brand in fact, I have long been aware of, and today see the Purchasing Guide live demonstration firmed my mind, this is indeed a good pot, save energy and save less fumes, but also To maximize the retention of food nutrients, this year choose a healthy kitchen usher in a healthy new life, but also a good luck!
Ms. Lee, who is choosing a counter at the counter, said: "For a woman who stays in the kitchen for a long time, it is really important to choose a kitchenware that has fewer fumes, one for the family and the other for child protection Own use is also convenient, kitchen health no longer have to worry about, though slightly expensive, but spend more than a thousand bucks to buy health is still very cost-effective. "A cook who had ever bought in the soup pot Qiu Aunt with us Said: "This pot is not sticky pan, fried fried all do, basically no fumes, made out of food nutrition and delicious, so even my son and daughter can picky eaters eat relish, but also save gas, the original stew A chicken for two hours, with the pot an hour off on the line, you say how much money can be saved this year down!

In a conversation between reporters and several customers, they unanimously referred to the word kitchen fume. So, how much harm the kitchen fumes exactly? Authoritative report said: fumes themselves are carcinogenic, will increase the risk of lung cancer, the kitchen cooking food micro-particles can rapidly rise to normal levels of 8-20 times, to a serious pollution Even "burst table" level. It has been reported that 80% of fumes are caused by the use of unhealthy kitchen utensils. Experiments show that stainless steel kitchen utensils(China Kitchenware Supplier) can effectively curb fumes produced by cooking 95%, to eliminate the hazards of fumes from the root causes.

We are duty-bound to protect the environment. Maybe we can not launch a society like Chai Jing to resist haze. However, we can give our parents, children, and your lover a healthy and environment-friendly living environment. Choose a stainless steel kitchenware for your family, home kitchen use clean energy, green stove ... we can do it.