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How to keep the gorgeous appearance of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet

How to keep the gorgeous appearance of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet

E-BON E-BON 2018-02-27 11:59:08
Stainless steel bathroom cabinet(Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooptrading company) compared to ordinary bathroom cabinet, has a unique appearance, and moisture mildew, easy to take care of. In order to maintain the gorgeous surface of stainless steel bathroom cabinets and extend the life of it is necessary for regular maintenance.
1, it is recommended that you put heavy objects in the cabinet. Movable floor can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the floor board placed on the position. Hanging cabinet suitable for placing light items, such as shampoo, shower gel, dry towel. Paper towels and other light goods.

2, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and wall cabinets installed wall load-bearing requirements. In the designer test, if found to not have the installation conditions, the customer according to the designer's request, the wall reinforcement.

3, the bathroom cabinet to keep 15 days before use ~ 20 days to open the door empty, appropriate ventilation to eliminate residual odor.

4, cabinet a stick tenon and eccentric structure, do not modify and disassemble.

5, do not use sharp objects scratch, collision cabinet surface.

6, do not pry the surface of metal decoration materials, do not use sharp steel wire ball materials such as cleaning the surface of metal objects; Do not use corrosive liquid metal surface cleaning.

7, do not pull the cutting edge of the crash bar, in order to ensure dust, collision, anti-cockroach effect, singing bathroom cabinet life.

8, do not put the sun exposure bathroom cabinet(Stainless Steel Housewares supplier), do not place too much on the dry place, on the appropriate ventilation.

9, Stable articles, heavier items should be placed on the bottom of the bathroom cabinet base cabinet; Hanging cabinet is not easy to place overweight articles, so as not to cause the top, floor stress and deformation, while ensuring the safety of the process of taking the goods.