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Cooperative Bank of the Netherlands: In the future, from “functional food” to “technical functional

Today, the market share of more and more large food companies in the global market is being eroded by some emerging small brands that have achieved good results both in product innovation and in adapting to fast-changing consumers.Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher distributor

Then, in the face of more and more small brands appearing, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Can these large food companies only sit still or actively take action? I want to share with you the innovative practice of Nestlé in the Japanese market in 2018, that is, the case of personalized customization and precision nutrition. Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooptrading company. There are a few points in this case that I would like to share with you:

The first is cross-border research and development. Nestlé's partner in Japan is not a traditional food and beverage company, but a Japanese company FANCL with a health and beauty background. Through cross-border research and development, Nestlé has launched customized capsule products. Secondly, Nestlé Nutrition Ambassador plans to integrate artificial intelligence and big data throughout the application process, launching a series of products that are personalized and precise nutrition.Best price Mixing Bowl manufacturer

In Japan, a total of 100,000 people participated in the Nestlé Nutrition Ambassador Program. Throughout the process, Nestlé will provide each consumer with a set of instruments that can test genes at home. When consumers record this data, they also enter the data into Nestlé APP. According to these personalized customized health data, for example, it can predict which consumers have diabetes problems, which consumers may be high cholesterol, according to different health The situation introduces different products.

From the application level of the product, the entire product range is also very diverse, including some capsules, or some vitamin-fortified snacks and so on.

For the vast number of FMCG companies, these new market and consumer changes also mean new inspirations:

First, the role of the retailer will change in the future. In fact, retailers are not only providing channels in the future, but more of a role as a one-stop service consulting.

For example, the Tmall Product Innovation Center offers a range of innovative services throughout the design and product innovation as well as distribution channels. Secondly, the production end can greatly improve the efficiency of the production end through the reverse application mode, reduce the waste of the entire production process, and shorten the time. At the same time, combined with the personalized nutrition customization mentioned above, it has a high degree of cooperation at the supply chain level; combined with the complete set of data and artificial intelligence tools provided by high-tech enterprises, it helps enterprises to maximize the possibility of flexible supply chain in the supply chain.