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Color stainless steel processing points and notes

Color stainless steel processing points and notes

E-BON E-BON 2018-03-15 11:41:19
  With the rapid development of the stainless steel industry, color stainless steel has become popular in home decoration projects. At the beginning of the use of colored stainless steel(Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooptrading) plates and pipes, it is widely used in high-end hotels, KTVs, and other decoration projects due to its unique surface with a strong metal texture of dazzling colors and excellent corrosion resistance. However, because of the irreversible nature of the color film on the surface of colored stainless steel, construction operations are not likely to cause irreparable damage. Therefore, Foshan Steel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., according to past experience, edited and arranged some of the construction materials for the color stainless steel sheet and other materials in the decoration project for reference.
 First of all, if you want to cut and bend the color stainless steel plate(china Stainless Steel Housewares) and other processing, such as skirting, door frame and edge molding, etc., when purchasing colored stainless steel plate, please be sure to communicate with the manufacturer, must require more than 6C protection Membrane, in order to avoid scratching, throwing, or scratching the board surface during bending.

 Secondly, after the color stainless steel is welded, the area around the welding will also fade. We should try to avoid welding. We can use screws to fix the screws. We must use screws as much as possible. If welding is necessary, we should try to weld in places that cannot be seen in the back and dark areas. Spot welding should be used for welding. If it is necessary to weld in the front or prominent place, the solder joints should be small, do not polish after soldering, and painters with colors close to each other will cover their faces after welding. If the workpiece is relatively small and Party A's requirements are good, it can be polished and polished with natural stainless steel(Stainless Steel French Coffee Press wholesales) and then colored.

 Finally, tear off the retaining film as soon as possible after the construction to avoid degumming. If slight degumming occurs, wipe it off with alcohol or acetone. If the degumming is severe, use a thinner.