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What do you need to pay attention to in summer barbecue?

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“The summer is coming, we will go out for a barbecue together!” Eating their own hand-baked food, bathing in the summer sun, breathing the fresh air in the suburbs, the whole person relaxed. Such a good weather, not to do some barbecue in the wild, is simply a waste.
In addition to going to some scenic spots with mountains and waters and pleasant scenery, we can also choose to set up the stove in the surrounding suburbs of the county, enjoy the barbecue, ignite ourselves, prepare food, and eat with your family and friends. It’s especially good to have a cold beer.

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Our wild barbecue needs to prepare barbecue pits, barbecue charcoal, barbecue needles, brushes, bamboo sticks, tin foil, disposable tableware, etc.
In addition to barbecue products, barbecue-related ingredients, chicken wings, chicken legs, fish balls, kebabs, beef, pork ribs, leeks, eggplant, enoki mushrooms and other barbecue ingredients, what you like to eat.
“There is a lot of fun in the wild, but you have to choose the right place and learn to deal with hidden dangers.”
1: The barbecue point should be away from flammable products, there should be no shrubs or excessive trees around, and there should be no flammable objects around the downwind. At the same time, do not grill in closed areas such as abandoned houses and large tents to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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2: Bring a small fire extinguisher. "just in case.

3: After the barbecue is over or when you want to leave, be sure to completely extinguish the barbecue area with water, fire extinguisher or pedaling. Do not leave the semi-ignition star to prevent it from re-igniting. At the same time, thoroughly clean the surrounding household garbage, which is environmentally friendly and can prevent residual fire. Hidden dangers.