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French seismographs first heard of Mars "heartbeat" sound: inspiring

The French National Space Research Center announced on the 23rd that the French seismograph on the US Mars probe "Insight" first detected Mars vibration on April 6.

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Philip Roonene, a researcher at the French Geophysical Institute, who is responsible for the exploration of Mars seismic activity, said in a statement that after months of waiting, the first sign of the Martian vibration was captured, demonstrating the existence of seismic activity on Mars, which is very exciting.

On November 26, 2018, the "Insight" Mars probe launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) successfully landed on the surface of Mars. On December 19th, SEIS, the seismic monitor that was responsible for the manufacturing task in France, landed on the arm of the “Insight”.

According to Agence France-Presse, on April 6, the 128th day of Mars Day, NASA recorded the weak Martian vibration signal for the first time, and released the relevant recordings on April 23.

The report said that the purpose of the Mars seismic monitoring mission is to analyze the activity data of Mars internal structure by continuously capturing the vibration signal to study the history of Mars formation billions of years ago.

Bruce Barnett, head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's scientific mission, said that the Mars vibration officially marked the birth of a new discipline, Mars Seismology. However, the signal detected this time is too weak to provide useful information for studying the internal structure of Mars.

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Scientists believe that the detected vibration signal originated from the inside of Mars, rather than the meteorological activity on the surface of Mars, and also ruled out the possibility of solar panel jitter, robot arm movement and other noises. In the past few months, the French seismograph has captured three times, but the intensity is far weaker than this.

According to a press release, the French National Space Research Center said that from the perspective of seismology, Mars and the Moon can be considered based on several basic characteristics such as the duration of the Martian vibration, the shape of the sound wave and the way the energy is emitted. similar.

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The SEIS seismograph, which performs the monitoring task of the Martian geological activity, is equipped with a wind-heat protection shield that can resist the interference of the surface environment of Mars. In the past, the only task that humans used to detect Mars was the Mars probe "Viking 2" launched by the United States in 1976. However, due to design flaws, it was impossible to capture the internal signals of Mars.