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As the wine is made, grapes are best fermented!

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  • Release on:2017-06-12
  More and more people want to drink red wine. Most of them are bought from the market, and some of them are made from their own homes. So what is the best container for wine making and grape fermentation?
  The most common containers for wine are plastic, ceramics, glass and the like.
  Glass: Glass itself does not make wine smell bad. A bottle bottle can be made of cork, synthetic plug, screw cap or Bottle Stopper Champagne Wholesale China. If storage conditions are ideal, the wine can be stored for several years without deterioration.

  Plastic: If you do not need long-term Wine but short-term storage, you can choose plastic bottles, but compared to the glass bottle, the plastic bottle density is a little poor, making it easier to track oxygen. Quality Affecting the wine Within a year, however, the quality of the wine was not significantly affected by oxygen. As a result, plastic bottles of wine can also store for a short time.
  Ceramic cement: Ceramic containers suitable for a short period of alcohol fermentation (a fermentation) stage, through opaque, can not see internal changes, thus better suited for wine preparation and wine consumption. Novice not try, the ceramic container relatively bulky and not easy to seal, cleaning and disinfection, pottery is 800 degrees burned clay, the internal low density, so that good air permeability, Wine to avoid oxidation, it is not suitable For wine.
  So when making wine at home, glass bottles are ideal for alcohol fermentation and wine bottling.
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