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The holiday is over, are you ready to go to work?

The holiday is over, are you ready to go to work?

E-BON E-BON 2014-10-08 17:38:57

  The holiday is over, are you ready to go to work?

  No man needs a vacation much as the man who has just had one.A lot of people have this experience, when the holiday is coming to an end,that there may be some frustration and conflict in the heart.People hope the holiday can be extended indefinitely and feel long vacation pass too quickly.After a few days ago to work, people often can't concentrate on  work, or feel that the sprit is willing but the flesh is weak because all of a sudden pressure caused by a large number of backlog . And it leads to the deterioration of the mood and  the increasing number of errors in work.
  The occurrence of these situations has been planted seeds before the start of the holiday . Heavy working pressure , unreasonable expectation of holiday, unplanned holiday arrangement , physiological disorders and psychological loose during holiday, are the main causes of fear to work after a long holiday.
  The rhythm of the working and learning is faster at ordinary times , and the pressure is relatively large, people suddenly slack off so that feel exhausted.If  don't adjust well, we will let ourself feel very tired.With this attitude is very dangerous, but it will affect the normal work.So,we should do more exercise, and eat a balanced diet.We can also listen to some music, appropriatly relax, and let oneself state of mind becomes peaceful.
In addition, during the holiday the normal daily routine is upset.If it is not timely adjusted, we can hardly back to work and study .How to overcome these problems?In the evening the day before work, we must go to bed early.The most important of all, we should be sure to have breakfast in the morning to keep energetic.Also we can  think about what we didn't finish in work and get into work in advance.
     The holiday is over,let's clean up our mood and ready to work.Go,go, go!