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Wow, a wide variety of wine glasses!

  • Author:E-BON
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  • Release on:2017-06-23
  Professional wine drinkers believe that different styles of wine need to be dressed in different types of wine glasses in order to highlight their characteristics and flavor. In general, Wine cup cup belly big red Wine cup, white belly smaller Wine cup and three type foaming glass flute. In accordance with the principle of different wine glasses and different styles of wine, the types can be roughly divided into the following:
1, Bordeaux cup
  The Bordeaux cup is suitable for most French made Bordeaux red wines. Because of its high acidity, taste is heavy, so the requirements of cup height and the cup wall curved tulip cup, because the diffusion direction of the cup wall at the entrance of the liquor curve can be effectively regulated. In addition, a wider cup will help us become more sensitive to the wine of Bordeaux.
2, Burgundy cup
  Burgundy cup is suitable for tasting full-bodied Burgundy Red wine. Because of the large sphere shape stomach can diffuse into the Wine guide from the tip of the tongue, to achieve full integration of fruit and acid; and inward of the cup can be narrowed to better gather potential Wine Burgundy Red wine.
3 champagne glass
  Champagne glass for all sparkling wines. The outstanding feature is that the cup is slim and slender, so that sufficient space is reserved for the bubbles. There is a sharp point at the bottom of the standard Champagne Cup, which makes the bubbles richer and more beautiful. Ice wines can also be served with champagne cups.
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