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Why everyone needs a set of stainless steel cabinet as a whole

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-11-24
"Why now the family need the whole cabinet, playing the kitchen cabinet not?" There is an inscription on the website of a knowledge that their own kitchen is relatively large, do the whole cabinet budget of more than ten thousand, looking for someone to hit the kitchen cabinet and asked All users have any good suggestions. One of the most praiseworthy recommendations bright: "The whole cabinet like live fish, playing cabinet like a dead fish, you buy fish, to live or die?" 

In fact, the choice of the whole cabinet or cabinets, the controversy is always there, before you decide, you need to sort out some problems.

First, environmental issues
Playing kitchen cabinets are mostly brick, plus large core plates, plywood and other ordinary plates made of formaldehyde, and moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, poor corrosion resistance.

The whole kitchen cabinet such as China Kitchenware Supplier cabinets, using 304 food-grade stainless steel, do not add any piece of wood, completely 0 formaldehyde, fire water, high temperature, corrosion resistance, no rust, moldy, fade and so on.

Second, the craft problem
Cabinets and more is to ask individuals to complete the process did not protect the error easily. Cabinet-based nail-based, punch is not accurate, a long time easy to loose. Edge cabinet by hand, the degree of adhesion and poor sophistication, panels, lines and other art lacks. 

The overall cabinet using industrial production patterns, high-tech precision positioning technology hole zero error, durable 50 years without loosening, high temperature and pressure sealing edge appearance solid and clean. At the same time, the whole cabinet from the blanking, drilling, assembly, polishing, and then to the installation, there are strict standardization requirements to ensure the quality.

Third, the use of the problem
There are many hidden problems in the design of cabinets, such as poor design of kitchen water and electricity lines, and unsafe design. The design does not meet the requirements of ergonomics. The five regional functions of the kitchen (storage area, kitchenware area, washing area, preparation area and cooking area) , Storage space design is not good, etc., will bring all the inconveniences in use.

The whole cabinet in the design, will give the kitchen all kinds of pipelines, sockets and other reserved good location, space layout isreasonable, and give full consideration to the activities of the kitchen staff in theoperation to ensure that the entire operation flow is convenient and smooth, save time and reduce labor intensity, Improve kitchen work efficiency. 

Fourth, life issues
Cabinets are mostly on-site manufacturing, like brick, or nail directly on the wall and so on, if there is change, you can not handle, is often said that "one-time cupboard."

The whole cabinet like Kalia Stainless Steel Canister Supplier, a set can be used for 50 years, and can be adjusted according to needs and relocation, to avoid frequent replacement of cabinets, save money and worry.
Fifth, the installation problem
Cabinets installed more troublesome, such as the cabinet is not vertical, the door installed out of the gap, especially the corner position, as well as the hinge does not lock the door and the cabinet, easy to fall off and other issues. 

The whole cabinets with large cutting machine cutting machine to ensure that the cabinet flat, there will be no door and cabinet lock is not tight situation, but also like Kalia Stainless Steel Kitchenwares, are imported parts by Blum, durable 50 years Do not fall off.

Sixth, after-sales problems
Cabinets lack of quality assurance, there is no quality after-sales service system, customers require maintenance, maintenance is difficult. 

The whole cabinet has a complete high-quality after-sales service system, such as Kalia, customer profiles sound, responsible for the entire process, after-sales service in place. 

Nowadays, more families will recognize and choose stainless steel whole cabinet, there is another important reason is that stainless steel whole cabinet both functional and artistic. 

The cabinets often only have a simple use of functions, can not meet the variety of home improvement style and taste requirements of various requirements, and play cabinets security risks, the use of hidden dangers, formaldehyde, etc. have always existed, but also with the modern concept of environmentally friendly life is incompatible, Naturally not blindly choose.