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What are the kitchen materials on the market?

What are the kitchen materials on the market?

E-BON E-BON 2018-09-19 12:00:22

Stainless Steel Canister Supplier

Kitchenware is a general term for kitchen appliances. Kitchen utensils mainly include the following five categories: the first category is storage utensils; the second category is washing utensils; the third category is conditioning utensils; the fourth category is cooking utensils; and the fifth category is dining utensils.

The kitchen utensils on the market, from the material analysis of the surface layer, mainly have the following eight combinations: 

stainless steel countertops, tri-hydrogen ammonia flame retardant panel cabinet door fans; stainless steel countertops, fireproof panel arc door fans;

 stainless steel countertops, door fans and barrels; Fire board top, tri-hydrogen ammonia board door leaf; fire board top, door leaf;

 domestic artificial marble countertop, fire board door leaf; imported artificial crystal stone countertop, fire board door leaf; imported solid surface countertop, fire board door leaf, etc.

 These materials can be summarized into four categories, their characteristics are as follows: 
stainless steel materials are poorly decorated;

 fire board material capacity is better than stainless steel, with good processing properties, decorative and anti-staining ability;

 artificial marble material:

 decoration Strong, good fire performance, but the ability to resist pollution is not as good as fireproof board;

 solid surface material:

 decorative, fireproof, anti-pollution performance are very good, but the price is too expensive, the average family can not afford, so the current market is a fire board The leading material for home kitchen appliances.

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