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What are the benefits of a woman drinking red wine?

What are the benefits of a woman drinking red wine?

E-BON E-BON 2017-06-01 11:30:25
  The red wine is belong to women, especially a mature woman, not so bright red, but good to hear or see, and full of fragrance.
red wine can increase appetite
  Wine bright color, clear and transparent body, make the person into the cup, with good to hear or see; wine tasting wine in the nose; microstrip tannin astringency, promote appetite.
red wine for women, but also can play a role in beauty
  It promotes the metabolism, clears the oxygen free radicals and nourishes the skin tissue, which makes the skin of the ladies more delicate and more brilliant.
red wine helps digestion
  Wine can stimulate gastric acid, secrete gastric juice, wine tannin substances, can increase the intestinal muscle system smooth muscle fiber contraction, adjust the function of the colon
red wine has slimming effect
  30 minutes before going to bed to eat "cheese + wine" diet and sleep, slow The new supersedes the old. body temperature is low, eat cheese and red wine can produce heat, and accelerate the The new supersedes the old. sleep while energy consumption, body fat, in order to achieve the slimming effect.
red wine to prevent cancer
  Grape skin contains resveratrol, anti-cancer best, so red wine is a good example of cancer prevention.
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