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Choose an outdoor cup suitable for you according to the type of outdoor cup

  • Author:E-BON
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  • Release on:2017-06-01
  Water is the Source of Life, water and human survival is Freemasonry, outdoor travel water is the most important to mention the importance of water supplies, we have to mention the containers of water -- water, this will introduce the classification of outdoor cups, you can choose according to their own cup cup classification.
  First of all, from the material, the outdoor cup is roughly divided into two kinds of plastic and metal cups. Plastic cups are probably made of similar materials, such as polyester and PC, or PS. The general plastic thermos cup manufacturers often mention not contain "BPA" and so on. Metal cups are usually divided into stainless steel water cups and titanium series water cups. The metal cup is characterized by its durability, and the titanium series cup is easy to explain and light. We are a Stainless Steel Water Bottle wholesales.

  In accordance with the function of the cup, the general is divided into thermal cup, ordinary cup, and shrink cup. The material often seen on the thermos cup is stainless steel, and the effect of heat preservation or cold preservation is basically achieved by high real air. Ordinary cup is characterized by easy operation and use. The main feature of the contraction cup is convenient carrying, and can effectively save the use space of the backpac.
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