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There are still repair opportunities The steel sector fell 2.37%.

  • Source:China Steel Network
  • Release on:2019-02-19
https://www.steelhomewaresupplier.com/products/Professional-Black-Boston-Cocktail-Shaker.html#.XGu1AqIzbs0Last Friday (January 25th), although the Shenwan Steel segment rose slightly by 0.30%, the cumulative decline in the week still reached 2.37%, which was the bottom of the Shenwan-level industry sector.

In terms of constituent stocks, Baosteel Co., Jiuli Special Materials and Jinzhou Pipeline increased their gains, while Xining Special Steel, Bayi Iron and Steel and Fangda Special Steel were the three largest stocks, which fell 8.71%, 6.50% and 6.38 respectively.

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Despite this, most brokerage organizations still emphasize that there is an expected correction opportunity in the steel sector. Guosheng Securities believes that both the current supply and demand sides of the steel industry are expected to exceed expectations. The growth rate of infrastructure investment and the resilience of real estate demand exceeded expectations, and the supply side (environmental protection limit) was better than expected.

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Zhongtai Securities also said that in the medium term, due to the lack of significant entry into the capital expenditure cycle during the current cycle, capacity growth is limited. This year, only the limited production release caused the overestimation of earnings to return to normal earnings last year, and will not cause a very low state in 2015. In line with the current low-end interest rate, the valuation side has the opportunity to repair.

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Considering that steel companies' earnings have reached new heights in 2018, Guosheng Securities believes that more and more steel companies will join the high-scoring red echelon in the absence of large-scale capital expenditures. Therefore, from the perspective of policy, valuation, and time, it is a good time to lay out the steel sector.