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Sanquan Company responded that “water dumplings detected African swine fever virus”: all suspected b

  • Source:Zhongxin Net
  • Release on:2019-02-18
China News Service, Zhengzhou, February 17th reported that the suspected African swine fever virus nucleic acid was positive for frozen dumplings. Zhengzhou Sanquan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanquan Company) in Henan responded on the 17th. Said that the relevant suspected batch products have been sealed from all sales channels. The local government also set up a joint investigation component to go to Hunan and Gansu to carry out verification.

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On the 15th of this month, three batches of dumplings produced by Sanquan Company were found to be suspected to be positive for African swine fever virus nucleic acid in Hunan Xiangxi and Gansu Jiuquan. They are 20190113H 1000g soup pork dumplings, 20181111H 500g soup pork mushroom dumplings, 20181129H 500g soup pork celery dumplings.

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On the afternoon of the 17th, the media public relations department of Sanquan Company responded to the reporter of the China News Agency that the company would not shirk its responsibility.

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The public relations department said that the company has sealed all relevant suspected batch products from all sales channels for the first time; the Henan Provincial Government has sent a joint investigation team led by the Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau to go to Hunan and Gansu to coordinate with relevant local departments. Check the relevant situation. (Finish)