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The thermos cup has the function of keeping warm and cold

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-08-09
The thermos cup has the function of keeping warm and cold. In the summer, you can use the thermos cup to load ice water or ice cubes. You can enjoy the feeling of ice at any time. In winter, you can put hot water and drink hot at any time. Water boiling. For those who like to drink tea, it is a must-have for life. Just carry it with you and you can drink wherever you go.

The vacuum cup can keep the heat from escaping, so it is mainly reflected in the fact that it can keep the water at a certain temperature, give yourself a little warmth in the cold, and avoid the stomach upset caused by drinking cold water. Everyone knows that the probability of getting cold water is worse than drinking water. The probability of a disease is much greater, and it does not guarantee that the bacteria will not invade, so it is necessary to disinfect it frequently.

Long-term use of the thermos cup will not be harmful to the body, but it is only for the advantages and disadvantages of different thermos cups. See below for analysis:

Market environment: At present, there are many brands of vacuum flasks on the market, and there are many kinds of materials. Many people will have doubts when buying mugs. Do you know what kind of mugs are better? Is the material of the mugs harmful to the human body? It is said that the inner tank of the thermos cup is divided into stainless steel, ceramic, purple sand, glass, etc., and different types of inner liners have different heat preservation effects.
Benefits: Stainless steel vacuum flask is the most common type of thermal insulation cup on the market. The price and price of this vacuum flask are not high, but the insulation effect is good and has a high cost performance. The stainless steel liner used in the stainless steel vacuum flask should be made of food grade 304 stainless steel, otherwise the stainless steel vacuum flask is not up to standard. There is also iron in the liner of the stainless steel vacuum flask, which is one of the elements we need to consume every day.

Glass mugs are also a more common type of mug. Glass flasks are safer than other materials, because the glass liner of the glass flask is sintered from inorganic silicates. The physical and chemical properties of this material are relatively stable in production and It is not easy to produce undesirable impurities during use and will not affect the health of the human body.

The purple sand mug is one of the less common ones in all mugs. The kitchen household insulation cup made of purple sand not only has the effect of heat preservation, but also has the functions of health preservation and conditioning. The inner liner of the purple sand insulation cup is generally made of pure natural purple sand mud, and the outer shell is generally made of stainless steel resistant to falling. Zisha mug has many advantages, such as strong heat and cold adaptability, healthy and durable, not hot.

Ceramic mugs are now very rare on the market. Ceramics are a completely harmless material, so many kitchen items such as ceramic kitchen utensils have been chosen. In general, there are some safety hazards in the metal cups and plastic cups, and there is a danger of ingesting poor metal materials for a long time. The ceramic mug is completely harmless and suitable for long-term use.

Long-term use of stainless steel vacuum flask will not be harmful, it will not cause carcinogenesis because it contains heavy metals, but different insulation cups have advantages and disadvantages.

Do not use stainless steel mugs to make tea, which is harmful to the human body. Why is stainless steel mugs easy to lose vitamins? Usually, tea contains a variety of vitamins, in addition to a large amount of theophylline, tea oil, tannic acid. The tea in the stainless steel vacuum flask is soaked in high temperature water for a long time, which will cause the multivitamins in the tea to be destroyed. The tannic acid and theophylline will also ooze a lot, and the tea oil will also volatilize a lot. In this way, many of the ingredients in the tea are lost, and the nutritional value of the tea is reduced, which makes the tea juice tasteless.

Ceramic mugs also have several shortcomings. First, ceramics are fragile items, which are not suitable for the elderly and children. Ceramic mugs generally do not have a seal, so they are not suitable for use. At the same time, the thermal insulation performance of ceramic vacuum flasks is relatively poor compared to stainless steel and glass insulation cups.

The purple sand cup is more expensive, so the cost of the purple sand cup is also relatively high. The price of the cup sold in the market is also high, so it is not suitable for bulk purchase.

One of the biggest drawbacks of glass mugs is their fragility. Glass is fragile and can easily break if you need to carry it with you for a long time.

Summary: Generally, the common insulation cups on the market are made of stainless steel or glass. Relatively speaking, the insulation cups not only have good insulation effect, but also stainless steel is not easy to be broken. It is suitable for the elderly and children, and is also suitable for carrying out. Just drink tea.