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The downstream industries, with stainless steel as the main raw material, are being tested

The downstream industries, with stainless steel as the main raw material, are being tested

E-BON E-BON 2017-09-19 20:55:25
Due to the continuous appreciation of the yuan, affected by the food industry to a sharp rise in global structural rose has already deep into all aspects of the industry, the cost of energy resources, chrome ore, manganese ore, human resources and so on stainless steel downstream manufacturing field is increased significantly. A large number of products used in the cold-rolled steel industry prices also increased, resulting in stainless steel as the main raw materials downstream of the stainless steel industry is facing a severe test.

It is understood that the current downstream of some production of anti-theft doors, insulation Cup, coffee pot, stainless steel sink of small and medium-sized enterprises dare to buy stainless steel raw materials, some businesses rely on inventory to maintain production, some small businesses are in a shutdown state. 

How to cope with this unexpected increase has become the most urgent problem for downstream manufacturers. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with OEM Stainless Steel Garlic Press.

It is understood that, in the steel prices continued to rise under the influence of the main raw materials, stainless steel prices all the way higher, corporate profits basically disappeared in the prices of raw materials among them. As the product has been competing for many years, the profit margin of enterprises has been very low, the price of raw materials has risen, and the products of enterprises have not been able to rise in price. The profit margins of stainless steel products enterprises have been getting smaller and smaller. In this case, some enterprises maintain production by stock, while some small enterprises are in a state of shutdown. 

Many small and medium business owners have deep feelings: in this situation, "do not pay a loss, made a loss of two", in the face of high costs, some small businesses have been difficult to face the threat of elimination. If the raw materials fluctuate so again, enterprise and difficult to the consumer terminal transfer from raw material prices increase, the ultimate risk will be borne by enterprises. E-BON the stainless steel specialist, Julep Cup Brush finished supplier.

Under the pressure of increasing costs, some small and medium-sized enterprises began to use Jerry built methods to reduce costs and maintain production. This is a very dangerous signal, but it is also an opportunity for stainless steel manufacturers. Such as the production of stainless steel sink some enterprises, the original imported 304 stainless steel, is to reduce costs, the use of domestic 201 stainless steel production, the price difference of 10 thousand yuan per ton, the product quality is greatly influenced by natural, may affect the reputation of many brands of stainless steel sink has just recovered in recent years at home and abroad on the market.

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