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I don't know if it is safe for the baby to use such dishes!

What kind of tableware is best for your baby? So many baby and children's tableware on the market are suitable for the baby? Choosing the wrong tableware is likely to erode your baby's health!

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Plastic melamine tableware
We can see melamine tableware in supermarkets or some small goods stores. Because they are made of plastic, they can be made like ceramics, but they are not as fragile as ceramics, and cute cartoons are still available. Especially attractive to the baby, seems to be a good choice.

However, plastic tableware is very easy to age. At first, the appearance of glaze will appear fine cracks after a period of time. The dyes behind those cute patterns will also permeate through the food. If you use food for a long time, it may affect your baby's health.

2. Enamel tableware
The enamel tableware has good heat preservation, and its surface is made of glass material. It is made of high temperature and contains less harmful substances. This is very similar to ceramics, but the enamel tableware is very light, so it was very popular among mothers. Later, we found that enamel tableware is not easy to maintain, and the baby's "playing" will quickly make them scarred. The broken glass material is easy to mix into the food, which is a potential risk to the baby's health.

3. Ceramic tableware
Ceramics are the most common tableware material in our lives. High-quality ceramic tableware contains almost no harmful substances. From this point of view, ceramic tableware is very suitable for baby. Ceramic dishes are generally heavy and fragile, and it is easy to cause some damage to the baby without paying attention during use.

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4. Stainless steel cutlery
To a certain extent, stainless steel tableware is a substitute for plastic tableware, which overcomes the defects that plastic tableware is aging, difficult to clean, and is not easy to breed bacteria. However, there are many types of stainless steel, and there are also many unscrupulous merchants on the market who pretend to be food grade stainless steel with inferior stainless steel for tableware production. These types of tableware have poor rust resistance and also chemically react with acidic substances in food to erode your baby's health.

Therefore, to choose stainless steel tableware suitable for your baby, be sure to look for big brands.

5. Wooden tableware
In the concept of many mothers, it may be considered that wooden tableware originates from nature and has good heat preservation properties. It should not cause harm to the baby. However, wooden tableware is not easy to clean and is easy to breed bacteria. It is more important to note that in order to make the wood durable, it must be chemically processed and painted, so the wooden tableware is actually the least environmentally safe tableware and should not be used by the baby.

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So what kind of tableware is the safest for your baby? After reading these introductions and analysis, I believe that mothers already have their own answers in mind.