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How to judge the true and false of red wine? Would you?

How to judge the true and false of red wine? Would you?

E-BON E-BON 2017-06-06 12:35:55
  In the international market, many people like to buy red wine. However, more people doubt whether they can buy real wine. But there are too many messages to mislead consumers in the market, so how do you judge the true and false of imported red wine? Here are some tips for teaching you:
Observe the appearance of red wine
  Is the bottle label printed clearly? Or there may be counterfeit reprint.
  Is the lid of the bottle all the same? There is no trace of being opened or destroyed; unopened wine; if the cork is raised or the mouth of the bottle is stained, the quality of the wine is at fault.
  From the back of the label on the international bar code, you can determine which country produced, such as 3 words at the beginning, is France's origin, to 9 words heading, is Australia origin, with 6 words heading, is made in China, and so on.
  Part of the French Wine bottle seals are printed on the woman's head icon, the proof is in the French customs after the original authentic wine.
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