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Fairy And Castle Style Wine Glass

This elegant stainless steel wine glass is etched with a stunning fairy and castle design. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this charming wine glass is a must.

Stainless Steel Spherical Wine Glass, Show Your Fashion Taste

This stainless steel spherical wine glass has a charming red copper color appearance, bringing you a unique visual enjoyment. Its surface is finely etched, showing exquisite and gorgeous patterns, which perfectly reflects the unique charm of the Baroque style.

Steampunk Etched Stainless Steel Martini Glass

This stainless steel Martini wine glass is a unique and stylish boutique. Its surface uses exquisite etching patterns and has a cool robotic pattern, representing the charm of steam punk style.

Steampunk Style Wine Glass

This stunning steampunk style wine glass, one of a kind, captures the essence of the steampunk genre with its intricate design of robots and gears. This unique design will take you back to the golden age of Victoria.

Etch Red Copper Stainless Steel Wine Glass

In order to make your red wine drink more unique and exquisite, we proudly present the etching red copper stainless steel and red wine glasses set. This unique combination includes two cups. Each cup is a unique luxury with exquisite etching patterns and intoxicating red copper tones. They are both practical red wine appliances, but also amazing artworks.

Baroque Style Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Our Stainless Steel Black Egg Glass is a unique piece of wineware that combines art and function. Its appearance is made of black stainless steel, with exquisite patterns etched on the surface, which perfectly shows the magnificence and complexity of the Baroque style.

Owl Bartending Tools

This cocktail set is a sophisticated yet functional bar mixing tool. With its black exterior, unique etched pattern and exquisite owl motif, it adds unique charm and class to your bartending experience.

Steampunk Style Stainless Steel Cocktail Glass

This steampunk style egg shaped wine glass is so delicate and stunning. It captures the essence of the steampunk genre with its intricate robot and gear designs. This unique design will take you back to the golden age of Victoria.

Baroque Style Cocktail Jigger

This stainless steel cocktail jigger is exquisite, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, and its baroque pattern is pleasing to the eye.

Baroque Style Martini Glass

This martini glass is a fine serving set made of high quality stainless steel. Its unique etched surface design is full of baroque patterns and patterns, adding a touch of luxury and art to your wine tasting.

Five things to note about stainless steel tableware and kitchenware.

Five things to note about stainless steel tableware and kitchenware.

E-BON E-BON 2017-12-07 15:15:47
Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy with a few other trace elements. Because of its good metallic properties, and corrosion resistance than other metals, the finished containers are beautiful and durable. Therefore, stainless steel is used to make cutlery and gradually into the home. China Housewares Manufacture.
1, can not be a long time for salt, soy sauce, vinegar, soup, etc., because these foods contain a lot of electrolytes, if a long time, it is also like other metals like stainless steel, with the electrolyte from the electrochemical reaction, the metal is dissolved out harmful elements.

2, avoid using stainless steel pot to boil Chinese traditional medicine, because traditional Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids and organic acids. Especially under heating conditions, it is very difficult to avoid chemical reactions, which make drugs fail, and even generate more toxic complexes. More you will like the product please click: stainless steel mug manufacturer china.
3, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and so on. Because these substances are strong electrolytes, they also react with stainless steel.

4, can not be burned empty. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel cookers is lower than that of iron and aluminum products, and the heat transfer time is slow. The air sintering will result in the aging and falling off of the chrome coating on the surface of the cooker. More you will like the product please click: Stainless Steel French Coffee Press wholesales.
5, to keep the cooking utensils clean, often scrubbing, especially after the storage of vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments to be cleaned in time, and keep the cooking utensils dry.

Sincerely hope that these suggestions will give you a better use of the experience.