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Five strokes to eat barbecue is not easy to cause cancer

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-04-26
People know that eating more barbecue food will increase the risk of cancer. According to a recent report by the Medical Daily of the United States, following the following tips can make barbecues (Stainless Steel BBQ Set manufacturer china)safer to eat and reduce the risk of cancer.
1. Choose more lean meat. Choose less fat and choose more chicken, fish and lean beef. Lean meat drips less during grilling and produces less smoke.

2. Barbecue vegetables. Vegetables are a safer barbecue ingredient because the ingredients contained in it are not easily carcinogenic. Moreover, the cooking time required for vegetables is shorter and the probability of forming carcinogens is also lower.

3. Thoroughly clean the grill(oem Stainless Steel BBQ Set) before grilling. This can also reduce the carcinogenic substances such as smoke produced during the grilling process.

4. Place a layer of foil on the grill(china Stainless Steel BBQ Series supplier). Punch some holes in the foil so that the fat in the meat can still drip and the smoke on the food will decrease.

5. Steam or cook the ingredients first. This reduces the amount of time the food is cooked on the fire and reduces the production of carcinogens.