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E-BON Going Global, Promoting Brand New Products

E-BON Going Global, Promoting Brand New Products

E-BON E-BON 2018-10-12 17:09:06

E-BON Going Global, Promoting Brand New Products

Introducing a set of stainless steel kitchenware and barware( Jigger Bar Measuring Cup, Boston Shaker tin set, Moscow Mule Copper Mugs and so on )with trend-driven sophistication to convert any home into a catwalk of panache and style, Shenzhen E-BON is a professional supplier and exporter specializing in manufacturing and designing more than 200 types of barware and kitchenware made of stainless steel.

Among their products including stainless steel mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons set, spice dredger powder shaker, hammered Moscow Mule mug, Boston shaker tin set, bar jigger, French coffee press, coffee drip kettle and milk pitcher.

Good news for those who want to purchase the quality products of E-BON, the company has been going global to promote their products and brand new items that are sure to fit into any kitchen and home. E-BON already visited customers in the United States and the United Kingdom from July to August 2018.

Aside from thanking the customers for their support and collecting their feedback about the products, E-BON and its staffs hasl showed and promoted their new bar, kitchen, and coffee products. According to the CEO of E-BON, Jerry Zhang, the world has entered a new era of coffee drinking, and curious consumers are no longer simply looking for a fresh cup of coffee, but, looking for the joy of experiencing it. Shenzhen E-BON takes advantage of its own factories to introduce new product lines, which are the coffee products.

The design inspiration of these new products comes from life. It is formed by numerous communication and collision between designers and customers.In terms of raw material, it is refined according to the world's food-grade requirements, and can pass FDA, Germany LFGB food-grade test. The stainless steel products produced by E-BON mainly use mature and exquisite plating and painting technology. They also develop the latest multi-color plating, rainbow plating, gradient spraying and other surface finishing.

As the years pass, E-BON aims to take new products, new altitude, and new breakthroughs to continuously lead the trend.

About Shenzhen E-BON

Shenzhen E-BON was founded in 2000. It is a reliable, professional supplier and exporter of stainless steel kitchenware and barware for 18 years. The official website of Shenzhen E-BON is www.steelhomewaresupplier.com. Check it out if you want to know more information.

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