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When Pizza Meets Cutting-Edge Technology! A Series Of New Outer Space-Style Products Debut At The 2024 Salt Lake City Outdoor Retail Summer Expo!

When pizza meets the most cutting-edge technology, a miracle is born. This sci-fi alpha pizza oven is not just an appliance, but also a space journey of taste. Just a light press will instantly let you feel the delicious taste from the future.


E-BON will be dressed up at the OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER & ODI exhibition held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, USA from June 17 to 19, 2024. We sincerely invite you to visit our booths 32119 and 32121 to witness the ultimate charm of stainless steel products with us.

Etched Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, Light Up Your Wine Tasting Moments!

Want to add a sense of refinement to a family gathering or romantic dinner, but are worried about not having the right tableware to decorate the table? Let me reveal a magical product for you - etched stainless steel wine glasses! It is not only suitable for family dinners and friends' gatherings, but also the best partner for special celebrations.

Improve The Quality Of Life, Start With This Coffee Cup That Keeps Heat And Cold!

The exquisite appearance and steampunk-style pattern make people feel like they are in another world. The double-layer stainless steel design is drop-proof, durable, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, just like your professional spirit. And the small gyroscope on the handle symbolizes balance and harmony, reminding you that in the fast-paced work, you must also learn to slow down and enjoy life.

A Gourmet Feast In Your Backyard, All You Need Is A Portable Pizza Oven That Heats Evenly At 360 Degrees!

"Imagine that under the green shade of the family backyard, a portable stainless steel pizza oven is welcoming every party with enthusiasm. It is not just an oven, but also the focus of the family, gatherings, parties, and camping, making every cooking experience enjoyable. Be the highlight of your outdoor life.

The New Trend In Outdoor Dining! Portable Pizza Oven, Easily Rotates 360 Degrees Of Deliciousness!

"Want to start an outdoor gourmet feast in the backyard, but are worried about not having the right cooking tools? Let me reveal to you a magical product - a portable stainless steel pizza oven! It is not only suitable for families, gatherings, parties, but also It is the best partner for camping.

A Must-Have For Bars! Etched Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer

We are proud to introduce the Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer, a product that is as much a work of art as it is a functional tool. It is mainly colored in black, red copper and silver, with exquisite Baroque-style patterns etched on the surface, showing elegance and magnificence.

Exquisite Bar Pounders Create A Unique Bartending Experience For You

In the world of cocktails, every brew is an artistic creation, and every cocktail contains infinite possibilities. To take your bartending experience to the next level, we have introduced this exquisite stainless steel muddler, which is not only a practical tool, but also a poetic work of art. The surface of the muddler contains delicate etched patterns, each pattern is a unique story, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to your mixing process.

Experience The Luxurious Charm Of Baroque Style In A Wine Glass!

This copper-colored stainless steel martini glass is a stunning combination of art and functional ware, inspired by the unique interest of the Baroque style. Such a product is not only an elegant beverage container, but also a tribute to a long-standing and luxurious era. Every inch of the surface is engraved with exquisite patterns, as if bringing the viewer into the luxurious atmosphere of the palace hall.

Etched Stainless Steel Flask To Light Up Your Outdoor Life

Choose a stainless steel hip flask to perfectly combine the artistic beauty of Baroque style with convenience and practicality, creating a unique outdoor life. In the embrace of nature, let beauty and art go together, and let every outdoor moment shine with your taste and sophistication.

E-BON Brings in New Equipment

E-BON Brings in New Equipment

E-BON E-BON 2018-04-24 10:49:48
With an aim to improve efficiency in production and meet the diverse needs of customers, Shenzhen E-BON introduced a number of new production equipment such as sand belt machine, ring automatic welding machine and etc. By bringing in these newest equipment, clients will surely benefit from it in many different ways. The great improvement of the delivery time and the after-sales service have also brought considerable economic benefits and great social benefits for E-BON.
Taking the initiative to bring in new equipment is timely and beneficial especially nowadays that technology is changing rapidly and consistently. This means that market demands are also rapidly changing. Only by improving the level of modernization, management and production efficiency, Shenzhen E-BON can produce a good quality, affordable and marketable products to meet the needs of the market and customers’ requirements. With this newest equipment,  it can effectively solve insufficient productivity caused by a large number of orders.
Shenzhen E-BON is a professional supplier of stainless steel barware and kitchenware. With all staff’s efforts, they have won the trust of customers with good product quality and high quality service, established excellent commercial reputation, and carried out high starting, high investment and high quality technology development strategy.
Shenzhen E-BON was established as professional exporter and supplier specializing in manufacturing and designing barware and stainless steel durable kitchenware for almost 18 years now. They also got excellent Research and Development Team as well as fully-equipped and modern production facilities.
The company has over2000 types of products and they are even bringing newest equipment in to meet people’s need. Their research and development team continuously launch newest designs each month to meet market demands and customers’ needs. With their excellent capacity for production, scientific and quality management system and basic technical processes, Shenzhen E-BON is able to provide top of the line services and premium quality products to all valued customers.
With the company’s enthusiasm and passion for innovation, they are motivated to bring in these newest pieces of equipment for more advanced and convenient functions and applications. This also play a part on their aim of providing cost effective and quality products to all customers worldwide.
For more information, visit www.steelhomewaresupplier.com.

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