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Director General of the World Steel Association :At present, the steel industry needs to face two sp

  • Release on:2019-02-21
A few days ago, World Steel Association Director-General Edwin Bason released a blog post, stressing that the steel industry needs to face two specific challenges in 2019. The details are as follows:

Now, ten years have elapsed since the last international financial crisis. However, at the beginning of 2019, we found that there are still some important issues to be resolved, and uncertainties or conflicts still exist. The US-China trade talks, Britain’s “Brexit”, population migration and border issues (EU and the US), climate change, the Middle East conflict, etc., are numerous. For these important issues, I hope to give the direction of problem solving this year.

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While many materials claim to be able to promote or support the sustainable development of modern society, few materials are like steel, which lasts for so long and supports a wide range of applications. It is not easy to continue to maintain this status of steel. The requirements from all walks of life are becoming more demanding, competitive materials are constantly improving, and new high-performance materials are being developed.

Right now, we need to face two specific challenges.

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The first challenge is climate change, and steel can make an important contribution to it. The steel industry's output in 2018 is about 1.8 billion tons, 70% of which is new steel produced from raw materials. In the production process, carbon dioxide emissions are expected to account for between 7% and 9% of the global total. At the same time, steel plays a very important role in the emission reduction plan formulated by the Paris Agreement. Whether it is renewable energy or large-scale transportation, or smart city or electrification, to reduce carbon emissions, you need to use steel in large quantities. The World Steel Association's member units account for more than 80% of the world's crude steel production, and they are constantly looking for ways and means to improve energy efficiency and product design efficiency. We are planning a new project that will inspire the industry. I hope that the project will be implemented soon. Please pay attention to the further development of the project!

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The second challenge is the recyclable production method that society is paying more and more attention to – the so-called “circular economy”, which is one of the foundations of economic decision-making. This can have important potential impacts on all metal materials, and steel itself, as a reusable, recycled material, will undoubtedly be affected by circular economy policies. After all, there isn't a lot of material that can play a key role in building a world of low emissions, reusability, remanufacturing and recycling.

To be the material of choice in the development of modern society, we must strive to prove its importance to future success.